Meesha Shafi condemns leaking of Rabi Pirzada’s private video

Ever since Rabi Pirzada’s leaked video and pictures went viral, Pakistan has been coming out in support of the singer cum actress and condemning the act. Majority called out the double standards of people who criticized the singer over her leaked videos instead of the person who had leaked them in the first place.

A lot of celebs also came out in support of Rabi Pirzada, condemning the act of the leaked videos and people who were sharing them on the internet without Rabi’s consent. Jami took to Twitter to urge people to alert the platform to block the videos being shared.

Alongside Jami, singer Meesha Shafi too came forward and supported Rabi Pirzada. However, despite her support and condemnation of the leaked videos, Meesha Shafi did not forget to mention how she and Nighat Dad, who Rabi had condemned for speaking about being sexually harassed, had came forward for her support.

Meesha however stated that she highly condemned the leaking and sharing of the videos and would always raise her voice when a victim was being shamed and humiliated. The singer also mentioned how that what was the true essence of feminism, protecting those who were unable to protect themselves.

Rabi Pirzada has now sought cyber crime cell’s aid for the leaked videos and images under the Cyber Crime Act. According to Rabi, her personal photos and videos were on her old smartphone that she had sold some time ago and now a complaint has been registered against the person she sold her smart phone to.

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