Meesha Shafi reveals how yoga helped her

Famous singer and actress, Meesha Shafi wrote for Images, Dawn recently and revealed how yoga changed her life.

While talking about how her journey began, she said:

“Two years ago, I began yoga and I often find myself sitting in a cross- legged, lotus position with my hands on my knees, palms facing upwards, trying to focus on being upright, silent and mindful of the present, both figuratively and physically while struggling with an avalanche of thoughts that clutter my head”.

Meesha also shared her routine with the readers:

“My daily practice begins with about 15 to 20 minutes of varied forms of deep breathing and meditation. On a good day, I would be good doing this for about five seconds. No kidding. But almost right away, I would find myself battling with relentless clutter flying into my headspace. Imagine ninja stars, with cut-throat blades, razor sharp and honed, well-experienced at invading my mind with to-do lists, grudges, unspoken anger or anxiety about upcoming tasks.”

“Regrets spun around and flew at me with the speed of lightening, reminding me of creative juices that I forgot to bottle up for some eventual, higher purpose. Interesting to note that the following 30 to 40 minutes of splits, squats, spinal bends, inversions and near-impossible stretches were way less daunting.”

“It wasn’t until my amazing teacher gave me a firm yet gentle nudge to start attempting the whole hour from beginning to end, that I started to really understand what meditation means. According to him, I should try and reject my thoughts. In other words, dodge those ninja stars like Bruce Lee, until they gave up. And I did overpower them. Not by blocking or resisting their entry into my mind, because what you resist surely persists, but by letting them enter with the ease and pleasant sensation of a cool breeze passing through, uninvited may they be. So the aim is to let them move in and move on. Sure they can penetrate my consciousness, but are not invited to stay”.