Meesha Shafi Supported Rape Survivor Jami Moor After He Shared His #MeToo Story

Popular Pakistani filmmaker Jamshed Mehmood shared his #MeToo story from 13 years ago. He posted a series of tweets about what happened to him.

Meesha Shafi started the #MeToo movement in Pakistan when she accused Ali Zafar of harassing her. She supported Jami on social media.

She posted a series of the tweet and wrote:

“Crying for all of you who will believe anything over a victim speaking up. You don’t want to change for the better. You only want to pretend to be upset as long as it doesn’t involve anything more uncomfortable than typing,” she wrote.

“When we’re all trapped in our vile quagmire of filth, who do these truth tellers think they are? Let’s mob them, rob them and eat them for dinner. Lose whatever morals we have, let’s become even thinner.”

She made sure to support Jami because in our society survivors go unheard. Along with Meesha, Armeena Khan, Mehreen Jabbar and Angeline Malik also supported Jami Moor.

Jami is thankful for immense support from his fans. He thanked his fans in a tweet and said, “I’m just overwhelmed by so much care and love. I can’t thank reply individually as it’s now in thousands. In learning to shut up so here quickly my sincere love to u all and I hope we all saved even if one soul then our work is done here.  

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  • Meesha was not raped,she needs to stopped hurting the me too movement! All these case involved employers as CEO ,bosses,and other powerful people ,who use power to use to get what then wants form people,to give the jobs or promotions ! How does this relate to Meesha ?

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