Cutest Selfies of Top Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani celebrities love taking selfies just as much as anyone else. You would think that celebrities who are getting photographed all the time by the best people in the business would hardly ever take their own pictures but that is most certainly not the case. There was a time when we could not even imagine taking our own pictures in such a convenient manner until these gadgets were invented which made taking selfies as easy as abc. Nowadays whenever someone is looking good, the first thing they do is to take their phone out and take a selfie, no need to ask anyone to take a picture for you when you can take as many as you want yourself. Interestingly enough people who post too many selfies have even been judged by experts. Well, we are not judging anyone based on the number of selfies they take since we love seeing new pictures of our favorite celebrities on social media.

Some of the Pakistani celebrities let their photographers or friends do the job for them but there are still many others who absolutely love taking selfies. There are top celebrities like Ayeza Khan and Saba Qamar who rarely ever take selfies. Those people who follow them on social media will agree that they like being photographed by others and do not enjoy taking selfies. Taking selfies is an art itself, not everyone can take good selfies with the perfect expressions yet some Pakistani celebrities take the most beautiful selfies. There have actually been blogs written covering the tips and tricks to capture the best selfies. The way people take selfies says a great deal about them. Some people enjoy taking selfies when they are all dressed up while other love capturing random moments.

Here is a list of celebrities who love taking selfies and these are some of the cutest ones they took in recent times.

Minal Khan Is The Selfie Queen

Minal Khan takes more selfies than any other Pakistani celebrity. She is like all those girls who want to capture every moment and she has no qualms sharing these selfies with her fans on her instagram page. Whether Minal is on the sets of her drama or in the car, she makes sure she takes a selfie. The most fun part of these selfies are the captions that go with them.

Sanam Chaudhry’s Cute Selfies

Sanam Chaudhry loves sporting different looks and she looks great in them all. Sanam also takes the cutest selfies with expressions which say a great deal about her fun personality. Sanam Chaudhry enjoys taking these random selfies and her Instagram page is filled with them. Her fans wait for these cute selfies in which Sanam Chaudhry always has some interesting expression. In this way Sanam Chaudhry shows her playful side.

Sarah Khan’s Gorgeous Selfies

Sarah Khan does not take a lot of selfies but the ones she shares on Instagram are so cute. Sarah Khan looks gorgeous in all these selfies. It won’t be wrong to say that Sarah only posts the most beautiful selfies on Instagram. Her selfie with her equally beautiful sister Noor Khan is just perfect.

Alizeh Shah Makes The Most of Sunshine

Alizeh Shah is a really beautiful young actress who always looks stunning with and without make-up. Alizeh Shah also takes a lot of selfies and most of them are extremely adorable. Here are a few selfies which Alizeh Shah posted on her Instagram page recently. Alizeh Shah knows that the best filter is natural light and she makes the most of it.

Kinza Hashmi’s Selfie Game Is Strong

Kinza Hashmi takes the best pictures of herself by posing in the most stylish ways. Kinza is definitely one of those celebrities who take their selfies very seriously.

Yumna Zaidi Is a Sweetheart

Everyone loves Yumna Zaidi for her acting but very few people know that Yumna takes the cutest random selfies. Whether it is a lazy Sunday or a busy day on the sets, Yumna always spares time to take selfies for her fans.

Mahira Khan’s Sunkissed Selfies

Mahira Khan does not take selfies when she is all glammed up but she most often takes these selfies when she is relaxing on a weekend. Mahira Khan’s selfies are natural with minimal make-up and she makes sure that she uses sunshine as a filter.

Annie Khalid Loves Her Curls

Annie Khalid loves her curls and she is always promoting natural curly hair on her social media pages to motivate girls to own their natural hair. She very often is subjected to criticism but that does not stop Annie from flaunting her gorgeous natural curls. We love Annie’s confidence and her selfies most certainly are the cutest.

Iqra Aziz’s Random Selfies

Iqra Aziz takes the best selfies since these selfies very often reflect the happiness Iqra feels at that given moment. Iqra Aziz most certainly is making memories most of the times when she takes these selfies. Iqra Aziz doesn’t need to be all dressed up to post a selfie on her social media pages, she is comfortable in her own skin but at the same time she enjoys flaunting her beautiful makeovers too.

Arij Fatyma Loves Capturing Her Makeovers

Arij Fatyma is a well-known actress but a lot of people might not know that she also has a really active YouTube channel which she uses to give make-up tutorials apart from other things. Arij Fatyma always takes a selfie when she does her make-up well or when she styles her hair in a different way.

Which celebrities’ selfies did you like the best in this list? Are there any other celebrities who you feel take really good selfies? Share your views in the comments section.

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