“SWITCHED OFF” a new trend among Pakistani Celebrities!

As a tabloid writer we have to stalk Pakistani celebrities on social media in order to know about happenings in their life so that we can develop some interesting stories. Okay so for last 4 to 5 days I am noticing a weird trend that is being followed by Pakistani Celebrities one by one. While scrolling my social media I found out that some artists are drooling over a word called “Switched off”. Some celebrities decided to break from the internet and go into hibernation. It is totally understood that everyone needs a break whether it is work or internet, you do need some phase to evaluate yourself and give time to your loved ones. However the word “Switched off” is used commonly in all these tweets and posts which is strange and sparking curiosity among fans .Here are some tweets and Instagram posts from celebrities who want to be switched off for some time.


Not being able to think clearly these days, Is it only me or happening with everyone? #SwitchedOff

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Now pondering over these tweets one can conclude that this “Switched Off” thingy is some kind of upcoming project and they all are part of it but it is definitely too early for us to come up with any conclusion, till then we have to wait and watch what’s exactly will going to happen. So what do you guys say is it some kind of a publicity stunt?


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