Meesha Shafi Went All Nina Simone and We’re “Feeling Good”

Meesha Shafi opened the fashion show wearing Ali Xeeshan’s created fitted glittery white jumpsuit and performed none other than Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and boy! it was dazzling.

She made the Magnum Party 2k17 live up to it’s reputation of “for the pleasure seekers”, the surrealism is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Meesha Shafi Went All Nina Simone and We're "Feeling Good"

Paired with the eye mask Meesha looked so Lady Gaga-ish it was brilliant. Here’s a clip from the event.

All that projection makes her look nothing less than a living breathing work of art herself.

We hope you loved her Nina Simone cover just as much as we did and just to ring some old bells here’s the original Nina Simone Feeling Good track.

Enjoy the James Bond feels.

Mariya Haider