Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episodes 29&30 Review – Drag But Not Bad

Ghalat kehtay hain kay jawan betay maa ki taqat hotay hain.. maa baiton kay samnay hi to  kamzor hoti hai…

Anila summed up the crux of the episode and one of the few points where despite the drag, this drama seems exact on point, right where it should be. Though the writer is showing a very balanced view. A woman can be a very strong creature but a mother is also very weak at the same time. In a way both Anila and Naheed are at the same point in their lives. In their own ways, both put their kids first when taking their life decisions but now that the same kids are older they are putting these mothers last. The dilemma of motherhood is depicted accurately with the correct flair of drama. For the first time, Sabreen Hisbani was perfect in her role. There were more dimensions to Anila in this episode than we ever saw.

Amber is trying to do what she wanted to do in the first place, take revenge and make the villains of her life suffer. However, in her childish and emotional decisions, she has forgotten that she is still a young girl, raised by Naheed who was very peaceful and avoidant of all conflicts and theatrics. So she is quite ill prepared in front of Anila and Sadiq who have years of experience in selfishness and manipulation to their advantage. Her only strength is Ahsan’s negative perception of his mother, but then this was why she took such a big risk and till now, Ahsan has not disappointed in his disdain of Anila, which is the only reason Anila is helpless or she would thrown Amber out of her house in a few minutes.

Naheed and Iqra and Fariha and Anum are all under the impression that Amber did everything due to her romantic involvement with Ahsan. That is why they are so shocked and hurt. Looking at it now, Amber’s reasons for revenge and her way of doing it to get justice for her mother might not sound very convincing even to her own years but what is done is done and we can only move forward from here.

Anum on the other hand has satisfied her heart by becoming involved with Dr Jawad and making sure her already broken mother cannot resist anymore. To her credit, she was honest enough to speak to her mother that after Amber did court marriage, she does not want to be the only one to sacrifice her happiness for her mother’s wishes. One scene that really stood out was Dr Jawad asking for Anum’s hand From Naheed  who was phenomenal in that scene. It was not only evident to her but to all the audience as well that Dr Jawad’s reasons were nothing more than the similar excuses every man has in order to prove his second marriage right. He reminded of Sadiq in that scene. His absolute dismissal of his first wife’s feelings puts him in the league of majority men in this play along with Sadiq and Farhan. Only Ahsan seems different enough to put his wife’s respect above everything else.

There were a few silly bloopers which I could not help but notice like Amber carrying a different bag when she left Naheed’s house and a different one when she reached her home. Also, Naheed spoke Kiran’s name instead of Iqra when she spoke of her divorce.

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Mehwish Mansoor

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