Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 26 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so, what an intense episode of Yakeen Ka Safar where everything fell into its right place & the most important character & track got the closure that we all were waiting for. Even though I am glad that they gave a closure to Daniyal’s track in a very concise manner however I found a little flaw in the information that was handed out which I will discuss later but let me just say, whatever I will speak about won’t take away the fact that this episode was phenomenal & all the emotions attached to Daniyal & his death were conveyed beautifully yet again. Daniyal is going to be one such character that is always going to hold a special place in the viewer’s hearts that is why it feels good to know that his name got cleared & his family got the answer that they were looking for.

When this episode began, I thought I will title this review as ‘love is in the air’ because Zubiya pushed her agenda of telling Haroon to consider Gaiti as his life partner. Even though Dr. Haroon at first seemed hesitant but before approaching Gaiti, he decided to spend some time with her son, only to understand him better & to see if Gaiti as a mother will be comfortable with the idea of Dr. Haroon being around her only child, which I found quite gentlemanly of him. To be honest, for the first time I enjoyed watching Hira & Mani in one frame together. Even though they both are playing such beautiful characters but to know that they are a real life couple made things quite sweet which I definitely liked & the cherry on top was their amazing yet subtle chemistry.

Another reason for which I was convinced to title this review as ‘love is in the air’ was Dr. Asfand’s present to Dr. Zubiya. Asfand can’t stop thinking about her & this was his way of letting her know that she was on his mind but then again even though Zubiya likes Asfand herself, she always finds herself stuck in the past due to which she hesitates in reciprocating the feelings by honestly & openly letting him know what she feels for him. I think now Zubiya will make sure to tell Asfand about her past only to put her heart to ease & to come to conclusion whether she should allow herself to get involved in this relationship or not because everything would now depend on Asfand’s reaction & his opinion regarding Zubiya’s past. Since Zubiya believes in transparency, I am sure this is exactly what she will do where she will tell Asfand everything about her past.

Now coming to the major twist that this episode brought with it, which was Asfand’s encounter with Urooj. Asfand immediately recognized Urooj & it took him back to his brother’s death. I loved loved loved the way they showcased Asfand’s emotional state where he couldn’t take his mind off his brother as he knew Urooj was the one who trapped him but then, he had to compose as well as remind himself that as a doctor, he couldn’t let his personal feelings cloud his judgment, that no matter what, he couldn’t let anything get in the way of treating his patient no matter who he was. Asfand without saying anything gave Urooj a reality check which she needed to let go of the secrets that were buried in her heart. I liked how this entire scenario was short & to the point & without wasting anytime they showed how Urooj confessed everything which then cleared off Daniyal’s name.

To see Usman & his entire family shed tears over the reminder of Daniyal’s painful death was quite heart-wrenching. This was the pain that they were dealing with for so many years but they learnt to live with it & then one fine day, someone came back & resurfaced the pain but the good thing was, everything that happened put their hearts to ease. Usman finally confessed that he was proud of both his sons for different reasons. This scene was quite emotional & touching, more like bittersweet because where I was happy that all the allegations were lifted off Daniyal, I was feeling sad that he died & that his family was deep down still mourning his loss.

Well, before saying anything, I know after such a perfect & emotional episode, no one would want to talk about the ‘glitches’ but honestly speaking, this was one such thing that didn’t let me absorb everything as much as I wanted to as I couldn’t comprehend why the writer & the director didn’t pay attention to detail. In episode 10 (time mark: 23:44) Daniyal’s police officer friend tells him that Urooj doesn’t have a child, she has no parents, she lives in an apartment which she doesn’t own & yes, that she is Dilawar’s girlfriend. Urooj lands herself a job by sharing her sob story that she being a single mother was trying to make a living for her child but then Daniyal’s friend clearly tells him that Urooj was lying, so not sure why they showed that Urooj now had a son who was 15-16 years old? If that was the case, like if Urooj had a son, there was no way that he’d be a teenager because they showed that after Daniyal’s death, only 5 – 6 years have passed, prove of which is Saim & his stagnant age. Also, with this I could be wrong but I am not sure when & where did Asfand see Urooj that he immediately recognized her? Because yes I do understand that he was trying to find her out before leaving for abroad but as far as I remember, he never really saw her & he never knew who she was? With Asfand’s bit I might but wrong but I am not convinced that Urooj had a son who he was a teenager because even if we assume that Urooj had a baby boy after Daniyal’s death, there was no way that he’d be mature enough to be drink driving. Even though I loved this episode, I am saying that again & again but I really wish before changing this track to fit the dramatization, the writer & the director had thought a bit about this aspect because even if we give them a benefit of doubt that may be Urooj wasn’t lying & she actually had a child & Daniyal’s friend’s was wrong but at that time she fled with Dilawar, probably not something that a single mother would do.

Anyways, props to all the actors for portraying each & every emotion to perfection. I just love the feel of this drama & I love how every single actor has done such a commendable job in conveying the emotions of their respective characters, like where they can make us smile, they make us shed a tear or two with them too. If the viewers get so emotionally involved in a story or its characters, it shows that the drama is successful because it speaks to the viewers on a very different level as it strikes the chord & for that I thank the team of Yakeen Ka Safar & all the actors especially. Please share your thoughts about this intense episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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