Meet Sumbal Iqbal’s Sister Kompal Iqbal

Sumbal Iqbal’s sister Kompal Iqbal recently joined the entertainment industry. Kompal Iqbal has been part of many television commercials, she has also done some modeling projects and has also been seen playing supporting roles in dramas. It has only been a year since Kompal Iqbal started working in showbiz after completing her bachelors degree in Social Sciences. She has high hopes for her future. She is waiting to be a part of some project which will help her showcase her acting skills to the maximum. Kompal Iqbal was seen in dramas; Janey Kyun, Inteha, 100 Din Ki Kahani, Zindagi Tujh Ko Jiya and Shehrnaz.

While giving an interview to Mag The Weekly Kompal Iqbal shared,

“I have a lot planned for the next five years in terms of what I will be doing with both, my profession and life. Without planning, one can’t handle things smoothly; therefore, ground work is very important. There are movies and a lot of other things that I am considering to do in the upcoming years.”

Kompal also shared what her motto in life was. She said,

“My life’s motto is to do my best, so I can’t blame myself for anything. When your inner self is satisfied and you believe in Allah, it keeps you away from negativity and you automatically feel surrounded by peace.”

Here are some beautiful pictures of Kompal.

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