Meet The Girl Behind Voice Over For COVID-19 Message

You must have heard the caller tune in which a lady gives instructions to stay safe from coronavirus. This message is for the awareness of people.

Peopel in Pakistan don’t have access to social media that’s why the government decided to record a caller tune to share the message far and wide.

But do you know who is the voice behind this message? Well, meet Tayyaba Sehar, a voiceover artist and banker by profession.

In an interview, she shared response she received on this voiceover, “The most popular among them are ‘Corona Baji’ and ‘Corona Wali Baji’. The response I have received is mostly positive.”

“I understand that some people may find it irritating to hear the same message over and over again but they should understand that this is important,” she added.

Tayyaba Sehar is a famous voiceover artist working in this field for ten years. She has worked with many brands as well as banks as a voice-over artist.

We all will remember this voice forever! 🙌🏻

Gepostet von FHM Pakistan am Dienstag, 19. Mai 2020


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