Mehwish Hayat Is A Chinese Empress In Her New AD

If there’s one superstar in Pakistan in a true sense of word, it is Mehwish Hayat. Others have worked across the border, got a Bollywood stamp and it increased their stardom over here. She didn’t need to do it. She’s an actor par excellence. Her acting skills are sometimes not given enough due because of her uber glamorous image but that doesn’t mean she just focuses on being a Diva. She was snubbed of the best actor award for her wonderful performance in Punajb Nahin Jaungi and she didn’t bother. Now, that’s how a superstar is going to behave.

Entertainment Pakistan collected data of all her films and it summed to be 107 crore which his highest for any actor in Pakistan. She isn’t just an Instagram queen but also a box office winner. She’s in news these days for her much talked about web series where she plays a rockstar. It is directed by Wajahat Rauf. She also won the IPPA award for the best actress in a leading role earlier this year in London. Well, that’s what Mehwish keeps doing. It’s part of her being awesome. What has caught our eyes recently is her brand new AD film.

This ad isn’t just another AD as Mehwish is going to be seen as a chinese empress. She looks immensely beautiful in her red attire and we are wishing that a film collab may happen between Pakistan and China,  as she could perfectly headline the film.

Sohayl Ahmed