Mehwish Hayat Randomly Meets Nick Jonas

Mehwish Hayat just ran into Nick Jonas, yes the very own “venting girl” and a peace ambassador for UN  Priyanka Chopra’s husband and that too right after that episode when all of our actors are strictly condemning Priyanka Chopra’s warmongering attitude.

Well, it was just a coincidental meet up as both were there to witness the US open and actually cheering for Rafael Nadal.

Mehwish tweeted along with the picture with Nick Jonas .

IMG 20190907 204731

“Guess who I ran into at the US Open Men’s Semi-Finals in New York! One thing we both agreed on was that we were both rooting for @rafaelnadal !🎾✌🏻
@nickjonas @usopen @emirates.

Apart from being a talented and tough actress and a warrior from Pakistan on international fronts, Mehwish is a really friendly and sport loving person too, which is clearly shown here when she was found witnessing US open.

She has just smile on her face while meeting with Nick Jonas , no wonder we can expect a picture of her with Priyanka as well and the purpose to mention it here is just that with peace and love nations grow and with hate and toxicity nations die. We need to opt the way of praising and lifting each other up be it Indian, Pakistani or an American celebrity, lifting each other up doesn’t make other small.

We love Mehwish for setting such examples of spreading positivity and love as a celebrity. She doesn’t have arrogance and star attitude.

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  • What is being attitude about this. This girl hasn’t even earned much Laurels as Nick Jonas did. Huh! Moreover mehwish hayat is the venting girl, blaming everything that happens on her country on India why not work on uplifting your image in the global front.

  • Wah wah wah Mehwish!! What a clever way to get publicity by targeting global star!!! Don’t think you are smart. People are smart too, right from the moment you called on Priyanka we knew your motive!! You used her celebrity status to climb on the publicity ladder by trying to defame her!!! What a cunning, stupid hypocrite you are!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!

  • LOL, the best answer to Ji hind ,is to take a pic with the boy toy, mawish looking great ,just compare his pic with aunty PC, ROFL enough said ,this will teach PC a good lesson , probably was not promoting peace after looking at this pic!

    • So Nick is a boy toy for Mawish. After all she is after publicity, not peace that is not what she even understands.

  • Wow, you just met him by chance but you don’t want publicity.
    If you want to spread love and are not jealous, take a pic with PC as well!!

  • LOL, this is cute and stinging ! PC probably got really pissed off , the Jonas boy look all to happy to take a pic with mawish ! Very cool and funny !

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