Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 4 Story Review – Confusing

Meray Pass Tum Ho is turning out to be a slow-paced drama which is already getting repetitive. The characters have no background, no relatives and their present-day story too is moving forward at a snail’s pace. While it was good to see a few unexpected scenarios in this episode but overall this was another ‘confusing’ episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho which yet again made me wonder if I had missed out on something. Some of the conversations tonight didn’t work for me at all since the heavy duty dialogues did not fit into these simple situations. There is always a way to tell a done-to-death story in a different manner but so far there is nothing ‘refreshing’ about this drama.

Danish’s New ‘Friend’

Tonight’s episode opened with a detailed recap of the last scene of the previous episode followed by another question answer session between Danish and Mehwish. Some of Danish’s dialogues about Mehwish’s character made me cringe and they didn’t go well with his character at all. After the nap, Danish woke up with a different frame of mind and allowed Mehwish to go to the wedding. This was one of those unexpected scenarios which made this episode bearable. Later on, Danish’s decision to be more ‘open-minded’ and him being ‘friends’ with Shahwar was yet another surprise especially considering the fact that Danish does not believe in making friends. Shahwar too was much more contained and in the mood to impress since this time around he was sober. Mehwish’s fixation with Shahwar and the grand wedding once again reflected her interest in material things. While Danish did not think twice about what he was going to wear, Mehwish wanted to look good – probably because she liked all the attention she got.

The Confusions

Danish’s ‘Khuda ki kasam’ was just as difficult to connect to as Mehwish convincing him yet again that Aba was dead and he could go on with his life whichever way he deemed fit. Didn’t he take bribe already? Also, he was more than willing and eager to follow this path until last week. While his confusion is understandable but this entire scenario didn’t make sense. First Danish told Shahwar that he had never taken bribe and then he was shocked that someone was offering him bribe!

Meray Pass Tum Ho2
Although Mehwish’s character isn’t likable but it makes much more sense than Danish’s character. The fact that Danish is too simple has been well established in these 4 episodes but I am still waiting to know more about Mehwish’s background, I was hoping that she will say something about her family when she talked about Anoushey’s brother’s wedding but I guess her family will always stay a mystery. Once again, Danish forgot the key and Mehwish forgot to tell him that she was going out – a scenario which is being shown repeatedly! Humayun Saeed’s body language in the scene covering Danish’s confusion and fear when he came home with all the money was right on point but Danish’s masoomiyat is more annoying than likable. This masoomiyat is basically there to show that he is not doing any of this out of his own free will but Mehwish is making him take bribe and change everything he has been taught. There is nothing likable about watching a grown man act like a child just like there is nothing fascinating about watching women play the victim in every other drama.

Final Remarks

Danish’s character made me cringe and laugh at the same time. There is nothing new about Mehwish and Shahwar’s track but the way this part of the story is being taken forward is slightly more interesting than Danish and Mehwish’s track. In other plays which followed the same storyline, the men were simple but their masoomiyat was never highlighted in the way it has been in this play. Nadeem Baig has done everything in his power to make every scene look as realistic on screen as possible and the camera work has been superb too but other than that Meray Pass Tum Ho doesn’t have much to offer so far.

Do share your thoughts about this episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • 2.5 se 2 pe rating aagaee and it’s simply justified. Aaj ki episode literally bore ker rahee thee. Bas dialogues pe zor hai aur in ki adaegi k liye typical andaz per. Kahani is lackluster. Naheen to story bhalay inspired ho, execution can make it worth watching.

    Waqaee confusions bhee hain. Bribe na lenay pe qasam hee utha lee. Pehlay walay paisay kahan gaey? Bachay ko kyun liya Bhai, school na bhej sakney ko justified kerne k liye? Waisay is bachay ki zaroorat thee naheen bcuz as per storyline, they should have started show all it happening after six months of their marriage.

    I was expecting extraordinary with presentation of our heart-throb Humayun but after watching it, it entices me even more tune into Dillagi to see Mohid-Anmol unique story.

    Very well-reviewed.

    • I know! Totally agree with you, Shadi ke itne salon baad ek dm se yeh saray khayal ana, ajeeb sa lg raha hei.

      Thank you so much for liking the review and commenting Urs.

      • Story is predictable and this episode was slow paced but I’m waiting what twist & turns they can offer to proceed from here to the obvious end when Mehwish will left Danish for Shahwar and won’t get him either. at the moment there is no character in the play one can sympathise with going forward.

  • Well. I started watching this drama because i feel i see such women/friends (no offense intended) around me who feel they’re entitled to a richer, more wholesome life based on being blessed with good looks. Getting tired of Danish’s subtle yet cringy slut shaming women who wear so and so. But this much is clear from today’s episode that Mehwish does care for him, his opinions do matter to her and she ignores the bashing of character and tries to manaofy him. Which exhibits that they infact married for love and so the pleasing eachother subsists perhaps. Apart from that, the rich guy is annoying the hell out of me. But again, this much proves to be true that acquiesce on part of the aurat is making him move forward with the ‘sham’ friendship and forcing the mingling. The question being raised however is good nevertheless: is it bad for a woman to want beyond her means or should she oblige with the destined borderline poverty? I feel the scheme of the show is solid, just the development etc is too obvious. Ayeza khan shall dump him in no tim to move on to better comforts. Maybe theres a lesson to learn from that after all?

    • Agreed with your review. Actually being an overseas Pakistani we can see the difference what people living in Pakistan cant see. It is indeed a very good topic and has strong dialogues which makes a women remember that she is a women. All that can be seen from the episodes it Mehwish actually likes what she likes and is becoming proud of her beauty.

      I dont care what the national Pakistani thinks of this drama but being an overseas Pakistani the story is quiet interesting unlike the other dramas and the direction and screens are amazing.

  • Hi Fatima, Thanks for the review. In fact from today’s episode i started liking Danish’s character & acting skill by Humayun Saeed. The story is old, very predictable, but touch of it by Bribery and the dialogues around it, makes it different. Regarding second bribery, we can neglect some flaws that he was assuming first bribery was meant for one time in his lifetime. As i told earlier, it will be a slow transition for Danish from No bribe to a fully bribed person. I am interested to see his journey. The more he will get into it, more Mehwish will get away from Danish because more pull will offered to her by Shahwar and you know she is just materialistic kind of woman. And you noticed she never ever resisted to what Monty has said earlier and Shahwar in this episode on telephone. Even when she gets back to home, she never reacted impatiently to see Danish’s wounds.
    The dialogues in this episode, related to Abba’s teaching and current cost of his living, was the highlights. He is surely confused here, whether to take bribe or to follow his father’s teaching. There was a fine relation he made for Abba’s teaching with Quaide-e-Azam’s photo, I liked the dialogue. His body language throughout the episode was really convincing, mostly the part when he brings the bribe at home, the cost of living dialogue with Mehwish and the talk with Shahwar about bribe.

    • Hello Aamer, you’re welcome. I am glad you enjoyed watching this episode and could connect to the characters. I liked Humayun Saeed’s body language as well but his character isn’t working for me – he is like that bechari aurat in our dramas who is too good to be true. I am finding it difficult to relate to the masoomiyat and the bribery bit going hand in hand.

  • Totally agree, it’s very slow and the story hasn’t moved at all, and Danish’s reaction for bribe wasn’t completely justified as it wasn’t first time and he had signed some documents earlier too and even gave a share to the peon
    And even for the school fees, couldn’t they sell one necklace?
    And even Ayeza Khan is definitely not looking so gorgeous as it’s being portrayed in the show

  • I’m tuning into this show on/off but fully watched today’s episode. Danish I agree should not be a child and make his own decisions, but I think this all has to do with poor execution of the story. I think what they basically meant to show (which didn’t translate well on screen) is that Danish loves his wife very much and does aspire to give her all her hearts desires, he knows his wife is materialistic/into lavish things, he also knows that the world these days is expensive, and he also fears losing his wife to a guy like Shahwar – I think those four things combined form the crux of the decisions his character is making. What is being shown on screen is just a man who is easily influenced by his wife and can’t stand by his decision to not take rishwat. The irony in the story will be just that – that whether he had taken 0 rishwat or lakhs in rishwat – at the end of the day, he still lost his wife. He did it to keep her happy and to NOT lose her, but he still lost her. In real life, people actually do quite a bit to keep their spouses happy and keep their marriage working even if it means going against their own principles, I’ve seen it before, so I think in that aspect the storyline is on point – they should just explain it better.

    As far as Shahwar, he’s truly a creep, and I don’t know why Mehwish puts up with him.

    Danish shaming Mehwish is completely wrong, but his words do ring true. If his words were given to a female role I.e. a female character (like a sister, mother, even Anoushey) told Mehwish that this world of full of men ready to prey on women or that women should know when to say no, there would be nothing wrong in that message. To me, that is in fact female empowerment. A woman navigating herself in a mans world without falling prey to their compliments, flirting, etc. (which again, Mehwish seems to fall for – as can be exhibited with her not saying anything back to Shahwar after that creepy call. If it were me, I would not go over to his house or ever want to be around him anymore). But the way Danish says it, just seems to be too aggressive sometimes (doesn’t make his message wrong though).

    The last thing I will address is how Mehwish doesn’t seem as madly in love with her husband as he is with her. Again, I don’t know if this is poor execution, how the story was written or Ayeza Khan’s acting’s style. I say this because I felt like in her previous dramas I’ve watched like Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai or Koi Chand Rakh, she tends to downplay emotions and doesn’t show anything over the top depicting that she’s head over heels for the male protagonist.

      • Hi Fatima,
        If you ever decided to leave this drama in the mid to review and by then my interest is also intact , i can review it, if you think i can do it.

        • Hello Aamer, I appreciate the suggestion and your interest but presently we are not allowed to post reviews of more than 4 dramas per week (jointly) therefore me and Zahra are the only ones who will be writing the reviews.I am sorry, we have stopped posting guest reviews on this website. I will wait until Ehd-e-Wafa or Daasi airs.

          • Fatima, You took me wrong. I don’t want to be a reviewer for dramas, it is a huge responsibility and i can’t spare my time from work. Rather, I enjoy sharing my thoughts through comments only. I said to review this particular drama because you said, you could drop it in the mid.

          • Yes Aamer, I get what you mean but like I said we are not posting any guest reviews, as you must have seen, it’s been a long time since any reader or guest’s review was posted on the website. Those policies are made by admin and not us otherwise I could have continued reviewing this drama myself too for the sake of it. I appreciate your interest.

  • I thought I missed an episode or something when Danish was swearing that he never took a bribe. This is just another example of a carelessly structured script where there seems to be a disconnect. Mehwish knows how to manipulate Danish and cleverly gives in to have her way- case in point when she agreed to have a full blouse stitched so she ends up going to Shahwar’s house. With all his insecurities about Mehwish, it didn’t fall in line with Danish’s personality to befriend Shahwar and accept his invitation. Danish knows his wife has a weakness for wealth and sways rather easily for comforts and compliments. Also, do either of them even care about Roomi? They are more concerned about everything else and even thought it’s been mentioned a few times, there seems to be no effort towards having his registered at a school even after a lump sum of 10 lakhs. It seems Mehwish has a never ending list of things she wants to acquire before she’ll set aside the funds for admission. I’m losing interest already :(

  • I feel like this is a big editing mistake…the scene between Shahwar and Danish should have came earlier when he wasn’t used to take bribe….it was so confusing and extremely bizzare because he took bribe in the last episodes….what was so cringy about Danish? He raised a good question? It’s not ok to dance with any man whom you met twice and not ok to hop on to your husband’s friend’s car without asking your husband…The scene that made you cringe, simply left her speechless. ‘A6i larki k pass inkaar karny ki juraat hoti ha’….mera to ye man’na ha k har aurat k pass 1 extra sense hoti ha jis ka kaam hi sirf mardon ki neeyat ko jhanchana hota ha…i think Danish is testing her. He knows he won’t be able to stop her forcibly so he is testing her and he wants to know whether she loves him enough and is loyal to him. Yes she loves him but she loves materialistic things more…she wants to be rich but clearly she is willing to choose wrong ways to be rich and kinda forcing her husband to earn illegal money….

    • It’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t an editing mistake because Danish took the bribe to buy her necklace for the wedding and later on the conversation he had with Shahwar was on the wedding…not the editor’s mistake!

  • Mehwish just worries about herself as long as she has the best for the wedding & doesn’t care if her husband or son have anything to wear, at the time she said she needed to get 3 suits for 3 nights & now the wedding has ended with only 2 nights & without wearing the famous necklace that they have 2 of in the house
    I don’t understand Danish, 1st he goes to the wedding because he doesn’t trust Shahwar then he ends up making friends with them & then going to his house for dinner later on, I suppose next week’s episode will be just on having dinner with Shahwar, it’s too slow with too many mistakes, they took 3 episode to show Danish’s guilt on taking the bribe & now they started back to square 1 with the bribe quilt again with same dialogues

      • Your choice, but i am happy because ap kay iss article ” Pakistani actors who lost their charm ” main se duo actors nay khaas main kaam kiya hai jo logon ko bohat acha laga hai aur yeh drama hai bhi bohat acha iss main mental abuse ki baat hoo rahi hai which is very common in our society and Sanam Baloch acting is amazing as always

        • It’s good Fasiha that you’re happy with it and I am glad that some of those actors have performed well.

  • I found the story line to be going at a steady pace. Where simple situations are over exaggerated by Danish who is displaying signs of psychosis. He has deep fears of losing Mehwish which is clearly effecting a stable loving relationship.

  • Episode 4
    Mery pass tum ho
    It have stolen my heart, Hamyou Saeed remembers his late father in a epigrammatic way
    Khalil ur Rehman Saab tries to tell Pakistani community that 80% wives compels their husbands to earn Haraaaaaaaam Money means bribe🤕😪

  • Salam Fatima, ek tu drama slow hai us per editing mistakes nai tabhi nikal di hai muje tu paly smje nai ai hu keh rah hai Danish ne tu last episode mein rishwat lena shru ker di Thi Danish tu khair padashi namona hai Bohul gy hu ga liken ye Mehwish chalko masi hi yaad delati k meyian bongiyan mar ker dimagh ka dahi na kero ulta keny lagi Abba Ki qabar per laat maro ya bomb😫koi firq nai perta tuba asthgfar bechare Abba.wesy Mehwish aur shahwar wali story meri khandan mein ik baar nai du teen baar hu chuki hai agar kabi himmat hui tu share kerun gi un mein ek waqa mein ek had tak mera kerdar bhi rah hai isleay dekh rahi Hun ke writer kahan tak ch sakta hai thanks for the review Fatima aap ka aur Zahra ka review hu tu drama dekny ka maza Dubala hu jta hai.

    • Waelukum Asalam, Pata nahi editing mistakes hei ya script ki mistakes hei kyunke pichli episode ke scenes se saaf zahir tha ke pehli dafa Danish ne tb hi rishwat li thi…necklace ke liye jo ke Mehwish ne is shadi pe pehna tha. Chalei phr aap tu relate kr sakti hu gi abhi tk jo dikhaya ja raha hei. You’re most welcome NR, we also love the feedback from all of you.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • After watching Dillagi i had so much expectations from Humayun & Nadeem Baig but got highly disappointed

    Being a pakistani drama fan i seriously have nothing on my watch list for now guys please suggest some good content dramas.

  • Hey Fatima.. Hope u doing well.. Great review as always and the best thing about this play is azeya’s and hamayun acting, it’s beyond fantastic.. My question is, what about anaa’s review? .. I thought u will review it after the last episode thoroughly.. Still waiting for its review :)

    • Hello Abdul Wasay, doing very well Alhamdulillah. We are only reviewing 2 dramas per week therefore no Anaa review. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for waiting for them. My apologies for not being able to post the review.

  • I totally agree with the review. There were some parts which were very confusing! And though I said it as a joke last week, I’m beginning to wonder if Danish actually is showing signs of early dementia! I was looking forward to seeing Humayun Saeed on TV and despite the fact that he has performed really well, so far the drama itself has been disappointing.

  • اگر کوئ واقعی ایک بے مثال اور اچھا ڈرامہ دیکھنا چہتا ھے تو

    1 Halka

    2 carpisma

    3 olena kadar

    لاجواب کہانیاں اور عمدہ پرفامنس ھیں سب کی
    اور رہی بات میرے پاس تم ھو کی تو بس ڈالاگ سنو جو اچھے ھو نگے باقی وہی روٹین کا خلیل صاحب کا اختتام ھو گا ہمایوں سعید آخر میں مر جاۓ گا آزاخان دولت کے لیے چھوڑ دے گی

  • Nice review
    I must the script is very weak.i m not able to connect with any character especially danish.All the characters are confusing.The story revolves around 5 to 6 characters only
    Sab baatein ek taraf but 3000 hazar mein itna heavy dress kahan sy milta hai koi muhje bhi bata di. The story is unrealistic. Matlab un k pass necklace heavy dresses leny k paisy hein but romi ko school mein admission ly kar deny k nhi.

  • I commented on yt when the first promo was out that this will be a drag like dil lagi. I happened to see the latest teasers and noted adnan’s character is like Robert Redford in an indecent proposal. btw, syed noor’s zevar was inspired by proposal. reema and babar. the rich guy is shahid.

  • check an indecent proposal trailer. the copycats of tum meray have even shown adnan in an off white suit like Redford. strange the couple has antique furniture and pricey quilts etc and no oven with stoves!!

  • >