Is Fiza Ali Divorced Again?

Fiza Ali divorced once again with Ayaz Malik.


Fiza Ali is a renowned model, actress, and host. She has done many fashion shoots and has fired the ramp with her walk. She started her acting career with the drama serial Mehndi which helped her in rising. She has been hosting a game show as well.

Fiza Ali’s married life has always been controversial. Her first marriage was with a well-established businessman, Fawad Farooq. She also has a daughter from her first marriage. Her daughter is Faral Farooq. She ended her first marriage but she didn’t reveal the reason for ending her marriage. In 2018, she broke the news that she is going to get married to her fellow actor Ayaz Malik. She also announced that she is going to leave showbiz. Even she changed her Facebook name from Fiza Ali to Fiza Ayaz Malik but later she changed her name to Fiza Ali and removed all her nikkah pictures with Ayaz Malik.

She shared this news on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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She also shared this picture with her husband.

fiza ali lead

She has not publically announced anything but her Facebook relation status says a lot. Her Facebook status is ‘divorced’.

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Her Facebook relationship status reveals she has divorced again with Ayaz Malik. Now she only posts photos with daughter Faral.

Here’s her picture with cute Faral.

fiza ali 1

fiza ali 1

Fiza has not spoken about this matter publically. Let’s wait if she updates her fans about her divorce.


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  • V bad thing that people curious about her status ! Can u change her status Allah Kareem for all human so plz don’t spread any negative thing

  • Please stop gossiping and posting these type of stupid articles about people’s divorces or deaths. Usually these are very painful events in people’s life and they might be going through depression or what not. these types of post indirectly add to their sufferings. please be more considerate.
    P.S. I am a doctor

    • What’s a doctor doing on this site? Don’t you have patients? Or your saas put your degree on the mantel piece to show off and tied you to the kitchen sink?

      • I guess you are talking from experience, or you are “that” house wife who has all the time in the world to poke her nose in others’ private matters. I can understand your frustration because you might be one of those aunty’s who cannot sleep without gossiping and making fun of others and are most likely tied to the kitchen sink, thats why instead of understanding my advice, you had a fit. Please growup and get a life.

        P.S. smart doctors know how to balance their time, atleast thats what we are taught here in US. On the serious note, The reason i have mentioned above that i am a doctor (was not intending to show off), was because I have directly dealt with these people who are going through these types of traumatic events causing major depression in their lives; they are even suicidal sometimes. Its takes alot to bring them back to their normal routine. It is very easy to gossip. So please grow up.

        • In the end she chose her lifestyle herself. She chose to announce her life on social media so it’s her own fault. If she can’t handle articles or news like these then she should probably stop being in the line of work that she’s in.
          PS: You being a doctor doesn’t make your comment more correct or not. You don’t need to be a damn doctor to know bad news about anyone is not going to make them happy. You think the people writing these news didn’t already know that? They are not posting these things just to gossip – they are posting these things because it’s probably their job and they earn money from making these articles.

  • This is her personal matter. We. Don’t have to talk about it.Its her personal life please stop interfering in others matter

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