Mehwish Hayat Shared An Important Message About Children’s Education

Mehwish Hayat is appointed as a goodwill ambassador for girls’ rights. She has been quite vocal about humanitarian issues specially children’s education.

Mehwish Hayat Shared An Important Message About Children's EducationMehwish shared the news of being appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the rights of the girl child and said, “This is something close to me & I look forward to actively raising awareness of the issues to be addressed. Let’s give girls a better future they deserve.”

Mehwish has started working for children’s education. She posted a video about children’s education and said, “Every child deserves a proper upbringing. They should be at school getting educated not having to work. Let’s make sure we don’t take away their precious childhoods. These young minds have to be nurtured as they’re the future of Pakistan!

She shared another important video with the caption, “I was fortunate my mother understood the value of education. That is what gives me the confidence to face the world. I want this for each and every child” Larki ko parhayenge .. tab hi to aagay jayenge”


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  • How can Mehwish hayat talk about children’s education when she herself needs to get education first. She needs to learn that how to dress up.
    Jis ke apni tarbeat honay wali ho wo kisi aur ko kya taleem day ga…

  • Shame on you mehwish hayat, First learn some manners i really like you but you just continue garbage and Doing bold dance don’t you have sence what you doing? Why they give you tamgha imtiaz, you dont desrve this you doing all cheap but you didn’t think about pakistan moral values.

  • To whom it may concern.
    Please, please can anyone please unvail the secret behind Mahwish Hayat’s such immense highlighting on social work forums. If there is no one else, leave the things as they are and wait for some apropriate personality to surface.
    Hoping for a favorable consideration.
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Oh i seem to have missed the point. She is going to be a “girls ambassador” . Really. We voted for ‘tabdeli’ but not such. We seriously need to find out WHO is behind all this? We don’t want our future mothers to be dancing on stage, half naked