Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review – Too Serious and Upsetting

Tonight’s episode for the most part was a little too serious and slightly upsetting as well. This episode also lacked the impact and flow which was much needed at this time. While SSG’s break up was expected, the turn Shahzain and Saad’s track took was more upsetting than anticipated. Later on, the scenes covering the boys’ life once they left the college were somewhat rushed. Some of the scenes were emotional with Wahaj Ali and Ahad Raza Mir taking the lead in this particular aspect. The scene showing Shahzain shooting the horse was seriously disturbing, I am wondering why would the makers even expect viewers to laugh at his jokes in the upcoming episodes after this! While rest of the boys acted convincingly throughout Osman Khalid Butt’s performance was extremely disappointing in this episode and the turn his character took was even worse. Dua’s character so far has absolutely nothing to offer and the actors playing the cousins’ role are too stiff and their dialogue delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Although Shahzain’s grandfather is funny but he got too much screen time in this episode while Saad’s mother hardly got any! There wasn’t a single meaningful scene covering Saad’s relationship with his mother or sister, definitely an opportunity lost.Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review - Too Serious and Upsetting

Recent Developments

Tonight’s episode opened with the boys being expelled from the hostel. The understanding approach of the principal was beyond me and I found it highly unrealistic, especially the way he tolerated Shahzain’s grandfather. Dua decided to leave after telling Raheel off, Raheel’s bad acting was the worst part of this scene. While it was good to see Dua showing her anger in this scene, later on her attitude when she saw Saad in the university went to show that Dua’s character probably wouldn’t have much to offer. So far, there are no strong female leads in this drama.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review - Too Serious and Upsetting

The scenes covering the boys’ exit from the hostel were emotional and quite unexpected in some ways. I must say that Shahzain deserved that slap since he was the one who planned everything and it was his overconfidence which got everyone in trouble. Wahaj Ali was amazing in all the scenes, definitely the character I feel for the most. Saad’s farewell meeting with Khurshid was also touching but it was unpleasant watching Saad stay upset for so long. Shahzain was the only one who did not sit for the exams because his grandfather was convinced that he did not need to study. His antics later on showed that his grandfather had managed to make him the chaudhry he wanted to see him become.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review - Too Serious and Upsetting
The introduction to Saad’s mother’s character was one of the worst aspects of this episode. It was almost as if Vaneeza Ahmad did not have enough time to shoot too many scenes. After all this was the mother of one of the leading characters, why was she introduced in such a casual way after three episodes? Saad’s relationship with his father was also well established in this episode and unlike before there wasn’t any warmth there, it was like a boss interacting with his subordinate. Ahad Raza Mir however was convincing as the docile and obedient son. Faraz Yahya also translated his character impressively on screen even though the character itself seems quite clichéd.

The seating order when the boys were in the examination hall did not make sense at all since all of us who have given board exams know that your friends are nowhere near you during these exams. Saad decided to give up medical studies so that Dua could get an admission. Seems like that is how he will eventually end up in the army.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review - Too Serious and Upsetting

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa covered a great deal from SSG’s sad end to new beginnings for all the boys. Unfortunately, not all these developments had an impact. While Shahzain and Saad got so much screen time, Shariq’s character didn’t get any in the last few minutes. The preview of the next episode suggested that Shahzain’s character might take a negative turn but I am hoping that this is going to be his way of redeeming himself since the story after all is about friendship! Except for a few scenes covering the boys’ exit from the hostel, tonight’s episode did not work for me. I am hoping that the writer will be able to do justice to all these tracks in the upcoming episodes.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review - Too Serious and Upsetting

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I agree with everything you’ve said. You mentioned the sitting order in board exams. I also wanted to say who gets an admission in medical college by standing in a queue and submitting your forms on Fsc basis. Students have to go through hell due to Medical College Admission Test. They should have kept things realistic. Also, Dua’s cousin lives in Murree and Dua came back home. So did he travel all the way from Murree to her house to get her admission in a college? Wow! we need cousins like that xD

    • @sitting order in board exams: mostly roll numbers are given in alphabetical order.. and they all have names by S.. plus i remember in our matric board, our teacher sent forms in specific order so friends were together & can help each other.. roll numbers come in same order as forms sent by schools..
      @queue for medical college admission: i m a doctor from govt med college.. and this is exactly how u submit admission forms before entrance test.. u have to go to admission office in ur nearest med college.. me and my brother applied together. He went to submit forms, then he called me from home because boy’s queue was much longer than girls

      • Hello Atty!
        This used to happen till few years back. Now boards have changed policies. No one you know is near you in board exams. If it happens it is just by coincidence. Even they don’t concider Alphabetic order. As for Medical College, You don’t stand in queue now. You apply online on a Bank’s website. Get challan, print it and submit your fee in bank. Things have changed now. I have recently gone through all of this process :)

  • Completely agree with your review Fatima!
    Many of the scenes were very boring and I was continually losing interest. Seeing Saad’s character take an ‘evil’ turn was highly unexpected. I am finding myself getting quite bored and it’s only been like 4 episodes. I hope the writer can do the storyline justice in the next episodes or so.
    Also, I was missing Rani’s character, she would have added a little bit of enthusiasm and positivity in this depressing episode.

    • Thank you so much EV, really appreciate your feedback. Yes, same here, some of the scenes in this episode were seriously stretched, I hope shahzain will be out of the picture soon.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • I am not very impressed with this drama since it’s inception. And this episode even added insult to injury. Characters were aloof, stiff, estranged, and even irritating. The only warmth I found in this episode was b/w Saad and Zoro. *SMH*

    Overdose of Shahzain grandfather was annoying. Distant relation between Saad and his family was boring. Instead of showing Dua’s unwanted cousins acting, they could focus on Saad side. They are otherwise very elegant. They could show any other concrete reason by Saad to join Army instead of this immature love for Ms. Dua, a girl who knows how to make nakhray vis-à-vis her beauty but doesn’t focus on polishing her acting skills.

    Director’s focucs seems to be more on drone camera shots this times.

    Let’s see if they bring sth interesting once they join Army, albeit no high hopes from this writer.

    But we remain optimistic that we will get sth interesting to read even the drama doesnt impress. And it’s your review😎

    • Aww thanks a ton Urs means a lot to me. I look forward to your comments as well. Same here, did not enjoy Saad’s casual attitude and honestly speaking Dua is too plain therefore perhaps that’s why the sacrifice didn’t seem worth it. I am really disappointed with this episode.

  • I feel like there’s not enough focus on Sheheryar and Shariq, who I find to be more interesting that Saad and Shahzain. I think one of my favourite scenes was the one at the beginning between Sheheryar and his dad. And I’d have liked seeing a scene with Shariq and his sister.

    Shahzain has always been too much, and I’m kind of dreading his scenes with Rani, because while they could balance out each other, I’m starting to think that together they’ll really be too much.

    Sigh, Saad. The fact that his main plot is Dua related is so boring. He doesn’t even know this girl and he’s willing to sacrifice his future for her. I really don’t enjoy these sorts of teenage-type love stories. Speaking of Dua, her ‘Kabeer Bhai’ needs to leave.

    Also, I was never one of the people who had an issue with the age of the actors, but I think it says something about this episode that I kept noticing random white hairs on their heads and in their beards.

    Here’s hoping that this was an anomaly, and we’re back next week. (Altho, what is Shahzain upto)

    • Totally agree with you Maya. Shahzain has turned in to the evil chaudhry, what a transition! Same here not looking forward to Shahzain’s scenes at all, so creepy.

  • Thank you for a wonderful review. It was a serious episode, and Shahzen killing the horse was so cruel. As you said how can we enjoy his jokes now. Dua’s character is not impressive. The one scene I liked was Sheheryar and his dad celebrating his first position that was heartwarming. Promo of next episode and Shahzen wanting to marry Dua is disturbing, hope not.

    • You’re most welcome Asma D. Long time no see, so good to see your comment here after such a long time. Yes that scene was cute.

  • Nice review
    First three episodes were amazing but this episode was a bit disappointing. The only scene I liked in this episode was the scene in which they were leaving for there homes, that was emotional one. They should add be realistic approach in serial like medical mein admission aisy line mein lag kar nhi hota we have to just get the forms and filled them and submit them with our documents. And then have to pass the entry test. I find the board exam scene realistic Bcoz I sat with my friends in my Matric Board Bcoz jis order mein institute Waly Naam bhejty hein sometimes wesy hi sitting order hota hai.
    I really don’t like that scene of shahzain in which he killed a horse liking really is this was necessary to show such a useless scene. And the other thing I don’t like is prolonged narazgi of saad. Like ab thappar bhi maar dia, sorry bhi bol lia ab tu normal hojao bcoz he was equally responsible. The character with which I feel more connection is shariq i wish that writer should have given more screen space to him. They did not bother to show the result of shariq like what was his result ?
    Dua and his cousin off there scenes are useless. And the scene where saad said that would withdrawal from admission for her was impact less for me. I hope in coming episode writer would come with light hearted scenes instead of serious one.
    P.s i missed Rani in this episode Bcoz her scenes are full of energy.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida. Yes, I feel the same way. They could have made the whole scenario serious without killing a horse for starters LOL! That was a shocker. Same here, Saad’s ‘sacrifice’ didn’t impress me much either. Me too, missed Rani.

      • I think the reason saad is still upset is because the impression given is that he was extremely serious about dua(god knows y).n him being sht,he’d always kept that inside him.just guessing

  • I already predicted last week, when the OST released, that their friendships would not flourish, namely Saad and Shahzain.

    However, I didn’t expect Saad to be upset for this long. Everything he does is revolving around Dua, which isn’t cool. He gave up his future in medicine due to her.

    I’m now predicting that he will only patch up with his friends after him and Dua get together, and not otherwise. Why does this have to be the catalyst? Like having Dua means he will be friends again and if he doesn’t get the girl he doesn’t want his friends either? That’s honestly messed up and makes me question the lyrics to the OST to begin with. Totally not liking this whole anger from Saad’s side.

    Shahzain killing the horse was horrible. I didn’t understand his transition. He went from apologetic, to sad, to not caring to show up at board exams to even see his friends, to becoming angry and vengeful. How, when, why? It was poorly explained. I thought he would actually show up to exams just to again apologize to Saad and at least to have masti moments with Sheharyar and Shariq.

    Well let’s see what’s in store. As everyone else has mentioned, and as I mentioned last week, I don’t like not seeing the 4 in the same frame, and then adding in all these fights and unnecessary anger and revenge from Saad and Shahzain combined with Saad giving up Medical school for Dua (why couldn’t he apply to another school? Who knows) is further making the storyline boring.

    • I liked your analysis, but maybe it’s jsut me, i like seeing things other people do…and i am like…hmm…i didn’t expect this…so let’s see what happens next. i can seem to understand that saad would be mad or that shahzain would give up exams and studies out of anger. saad is upset because of the “hyperness” of his friends….i can see. he is kind of a “good” boy.

    • Strangely i have totally opposite opinion to everyone.. i dint like first 3 episodes, their mischevious avatar was too OTT.. shahzian was intolerable for me, and OKB’s acting left me cringing.. Ahad’s saad was also just ok.. somehow this episode worked for me.. i was happy that things took serious turn soon..
      i think and i hope that Dua has limited role, just to put this twist to the otherwise ideal friendship and to show how saad ended up in army..
      And how easily saad agreed to leave medical for dua, he was not interested in it any way.. already they showed that his family decided 2 career options for him.. even sister said “jahan sey pehlay call aa gae, vo kr lena”.. so it was that casual for him..
      Fatma u r right about not developing the relation between saad and his mother properly, what do u think? is this writer’s fault or director’s?
      Anyways i have come to term right after 1st episode that this is No ABC, so just enjoy it for what it is.. shoaib mansoor tau waisay bhi perfectionist hain.. un k sath kia muqabla.. DIE HARD ABC FAN

  • Also, I agree that Shahzain deserved the slap, because his carelessness is what got them kicked out, but that wasn’t even what he was slapped for. Seems Saad slapped him because he was made to look like a clown in front of the college and the girl of his dreams.

    Saad going into the army, as if there isn’t any other medical college out there won’t be convincing.

    Dua was inconsistent in this episode too. She went from being angry at her cousin, saying the boys were talking to her, and leaving her cousins house to being upset at seeing Saad in the college and having bodyguard cousin again.

    And lastly, I hope you’re right in your review and maybe Shahzain only is trying to marry Dua so he can get a meeting with her and perhaps apologize and clear Saad’s position in her eyes.

    I guess next week will tell. Don’t have high hopes, but let’s see.

    • Yes! Here is hoping that it will be a better episode, this transition episode wasn’t good at all except for a few scenes. Appreciate your feedback Rizwana, keep reading and commenting.

  • OKB was the only reason that i don’t want to watch this drama ..
    But today when he received zannatai daar thappar jaisai dil kai chaaro khaano mai kisi ne cold 7 up daala ho ..
    Zabardast OKB and shahzain both deserved this ..jaisai real mai overconfidence kai chakkar mai stupid lagta hai waisai shazain kai character mai bhi ..a well deserved slap ..
    Wahaj 1st episode se mukhai impress karta aa raha hai ..
    When hai said “mai baighairat nahi ghareeb hun ” oh Allah !! That scene ..
    Baaqi aajka episode dhaik kai aisa laga jaisai train apnai track se hat gaya ho ..
    Bus ek dar hai is dramai ko sirf larki aur ishq o mohabbat kai gird he na barbaad na kar daalai writer ..

  • Sometimes it seems like people have too much time on their hands that we have started a culture in which people comment on each and everything. The episode was absolutely fine and how was Shahzain’s acting disappointing. It suited what was demanded of him. After all, we didn’t write the script. I am curious to know what happens next. Only thing I didn’t like is the producer showing Shahzain killing an innocent animal. This should be forbidden.

    • I agree. The episode had to show transition in characters after what happened. Some people stay mad longer than you expect-everyone is different. The only thing I had difficulty with was the horse scene- that was disturbing. Honestly as much of Duas character I’ve seen she seems just okay. I thought she was rude to Saad for no reason when she already knew what happened that day. She’s not worth the hype and sacrifices as of now. I still really enjoy this but drama and look forward to it next week. I think ppl look for a perfect episode every time especially if it’s a good cast. One slow/serious episode and ppl start tearing down the entire show.

      • No one is tearing down the entire show. All these people here who are criticizing the episode have been praising the show for the past 3 weeks. It could be the other way around actually, when people criticize one episode, fans think they are tearing down the show. It is a free world and everyone has the right to express their views. We shouldn’t judge other people’s opinions and focus more on sharing our own.

        • Cool. But I am also commenting on the culture. Like I am ‘judging’ you, you are ‘judging’ them… it’s a vicious circle Haha. I appreciate your calm reply though. Tbh i am not a fan of the story…but itni bhi buri nahi thi…or ob ki acting toh buri nahi thi…kafi alag style ki hai aur uske role ko toh suit hi kar rahi hai…tbh, zyada expectation nahi thi is writer se, kam se natural type toh nahi expect kiya tha…so, i was surprised by the third episode…i think theek hai…kuch naya to hai….i mean kuch unpredictable toh hai…but you guys have more experience in lookn at drama stories so may b for u it is not that unpredict

          • I am not judging anyone’s opinion, I respect your opinion just as much as I would respect the opinion of someone who agrees with me. Yes, I review dramas, share my opinion about everything relating to that but you won’t see me telling someone off for having a different opinion. That’s the beauty of a healthy discussion.

      • One thing I didn’t understand and I don’t know if the reviewer, I mean Fatima, pointed this or not, but Dua seemed to me totally crazy. All the while, I kept expecting her to intervene, come to the college with her parents, and say, “Sorry, Sir, looks like there has been a misunderstanding. These kids were just talking to me.” I was quite sure they wouldn’t be kicked out. She does admit to her cousin they were just talking…but not to the college Principal. The cousin apne number banane mein laga hua hai. And if she had forgiven Saad, and found him “cute”, then why was she mean to him at the medical college. Totally irrational. Especially when Saad ne toh kuch kiya hi nahi tha…woh toh keh raha tha tamasha mat banao…

    • I found it disappointing and OTT, it looked a lot like acting, that was my issue with it. It’s okay wonder, we are all here to share our opinions and we can do so without judging each other. Yes, I watch the dramas I review very carefully and I make sure I have a lot of time while I sit down to review them so thank you.

  • Actually the episode was great. I am not sure why you all are expecting every episode to be happy go lucky. There will be serious ones as well. Much better than all the other typical similar dramas!

    • Yes, I agree it is much better than other typical dramas but like I said this one didn’t work for me but I am glad you liked it SM. Appreciate your feedback.

      • Thanks! I do predict it to be serious for a while before Saad joins army, Shariq in media, Shazain in politics and Sherayar probably civil service.

          • It might be true as I was quite excited about this project so I read interviews that the writer gave before this started. It’s not a sequel of ABC but a separate story of 4 friends and their journey. Will not give any spoilers for people who have not read up on it. I typically just read your reviews of other dramas as they are too slow/dull to watch but I am actually watching this one!

          • So glad you’re watching this one SM, I love reading comments of drama buffs like you. Some of my friends were telling me that OKB gave a few spoilers in his comments section this week so I guess it’s all out there after all but yes thank you so much for not giving spoilers since I did not watch any interviews etc for this one. I feel that watching interviews and all changes your perspective a bit because then you watch the drama with the writer’s perspective. I would much rather draw my own conclusions from what I see on screen. I watched interview of the cast before MPTH went on air and I seriously regret it, so many spoilers.

          • Let’s see what is in store. I wished they would have showed 2 episodes per week like some other dramas but I assume it’s one of Hum’s main plays so they stick with 1 episode.

  • Well personally I don’t agree with you at all. Firstly because in boards no one knows who is your friend or not so it’s not a big deal luckily I had also consecutive seats with my all friends. So you’re just making a fuss. I’m not here to be rude but it’s just my view. More ever about saad and his relationship with family is not that necessary to be covered in the 4th epsiode. Upcoming episodes will show their relationship but only to the limit they are needed. They can’t drag it too much. What’s the point for taking things slow. Like for me it was enough to get to know that they all were studying and now they have cleared their fsc. But i do agree about the shariq scenes. The Principal was not an illiterate person so he can’t basically fight with shah zain’s grand father. And mostly principals are decent and polite. So it’s not even a bit un realistic. Sorry to say but I don’t find this review any sort of entertaining. Because in common people we don’t have so much time to ponder over how much realistic it is whether all the requiremem
    Ntshappen with me. I’m not criticising you in any manner but just saying what I have heard and listen and what I have read by you was sort of different. Like it just a drama. And normally we just discuss the plot twists.I understand it’s your job.
    Anyway keep it up!

    • I intend to keep it up Armish ;) In board you have centers and therefore the students of the same school are never seated in the same room. It’s okay Armish, you don’t need to be so apologetic, a difference of opinion is always welcome. I know it’s just a drama Armish, I watch it and review it like one which is why if someone doesn’t agree with me that’s okay too. We are all discussing our opinion and my review is by no means the final word. You went in to so much detail too which goes to show that we are all equally interested in discussing this drama, which is great.

      Keep reading and commenting. I enjoyed reading your opinion, would love to hear from you more often.

      • Well actually my board was federal but our system is basically under army so all the students including boys and girls sit in the main hall. And we have special permission so the examiners also come to our college. But usually students don’t sit in their respective colleges. Just like that in that boarding college there might be some this sort of system. Like I’m a big fan of this drama due to their friendship army and half of it is shoot in pma my city. So like when people objects on small things. It made me some jazbati kind of. Btw thanks for being kind. Happy time :))

        • That’s interesting Armish, thank you for sharing. Me too, trust me I wait for this show all week, such a nice break from the regular stories.

          LOL!! It’s okay, I just feel that we can all have a healthy discussion without disrespecting other people’s opinions, it’s more fun that way.

          You’re most welcome Armish, I will wait for your jazbati feedback;) Thank you.

  • Nice review. Even tho I enjoyed the episode, there were quite a few disturbing things. The worst was Shahzain killing the horse, it was really cruel. And Saad not forgiving his friends is also unbelievable. The grand father was very annoying, and that man is in all the dramas. overall I feel its going to be an average time pass watch.

    • Thank you Tiger, I am glad you enjoyed this episode. Yes, Itna bhi kya ghussa! Enjoyed reading your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • I think if the roll numbers are similar you can get seated newr friends. Medical mai line mai mai lag chuki hoon to submit my documents in kmdc and i almost fainted in the heat lolll 😂 i found the episode ok but im really not much invested in shahzain story and it gets most of the screen time. Saads sacrificing his career for dua didnt sit well with me. Maybe its his way to rectify his mistake but idk.Duas character is so plain, and saad doing so much for her makes no sense. The horse killing scene was quite disturbing too. I hope in the coming episodes the focus is more on shariq and sheryar than shahzain. I guess saad has really taken his fathers words to his heart thats why he is just not ready to be friends with them anymore. Shahzains probably just took duas name in anger. Lets see

    • Fatima it has never happened with anyone I know since they make sure kids from the same school don’t sit too close therefore I found it really odd. Same here, Shahzain’s character is disturbing, hopefully he will be out of the picture soon. Yes, I would love to see more of the other two boys for sure.

      • Actually i giave cies not fsc so dont know. We were seated in a hugee hall according to roll numbers and all students from our school were seated in the same row so i was quite close to my friends. Ofc thr seats were at a reasonable distance. Haina, shahzains track is the leasttt interesting and it is getting most of the screen time. Im reallyyy looking forward to saad joining pma cuz i really have a thing for army related dramas/ movies. But i hope there is a more solid reason of saad joining the army

        • Yess!! And he will still have those rom com scenes, that will be ‘painful’. Same here Fatima, love such dramas and there are so few of them. I really hope so too.

  • the girls in this drama are so goddamn annoying…..rather than showing them i would have loved to see more of shehryar and shariq……not going to watch it anymore…..not every story needs a stupid romance

      • when saad gave up on studying medicine just to please dua…..i wanted to puke on my laptop….no one AND I MEAN NO ONE does that for anyone else….let alone for a person who you don’t even know personally………..phewww now i’m done venting :P

  • First three episodes were too good but this episode was boring our expectations are too high from this drama . Specially usman khalid butt acting is too over and expression less .

    • Yes they were, I agree Roma that’s why we expected so much. Hopefully, it will be back on track next week. Yes OKB tends to go overboard.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Absolutely right Fatima. Today’s episode was very emotional and somewhat disturbing too😟😟 However, I really liked Saad and Khursheed’s scene. It was really impactful 👍 . I also loved the relationship between Sheryar and his father, especially the celebration scene. But Osman Khalid butt and that shooting scene was really horrendous 😰😰 How can such a fun-loving character take such a drastic turn?? But I am waiting eagerly for the next episode as it will bring a new twist abt Shazain and Dua’s marriage.

    • Yes, I liked their scene too Ibrahim. The scenes covering boys’ exit from the hostel were nice but later on the story was all over the place. I know right!! Shahzain the psychopath!

      Appreciate your feedback Ibrahim. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I cudnt agree more with ur review. I love this drama from the very strt n wait for the whole week for the next episode. As mch as i lvd the previous episodes, this episode was a bit disappointing. Some scenes were annoying n pointless. Spcly the character of shahzain ufff so annoying. From killing the horse to his stupid angry expressions… His grandfather’s acting was also nt appealing. Dua was again boring and her czn raheel wo to awein hai is drame men. Shariq n sheryar were really gud. Shariq ka result q ni announce kia? Saad ka sacrifice was a stupid move. I love the character of faraz. His personality is awsum. His dialogues in the previous episode were soooo gud bt in this episode his concern for 1st positon n nt appreciating his son’s hardwork was disappointing. Lets c what comes next. Hoping for a better episode with less screen tym of shahzain

    • Yes! Same here Hania, me and my friends always make it a point to watch it together but this time around we were all disappointed. I know! Killing the horse was just so unnecessary and uncalled for, there are better ways to show the feudal mindset. Shahzain came across as a psychopath more than a spoiled brat.

      Yes please! Not looking forward to the rom com scenes involving Shahzain and Raani.

      Thank you for your feedback Hania. Keep reading and commenting.

      • Psychopath is the perfect word. He is overacting from the v strt of the serial. Bt this tym he has gone too far. SERIAL KILLER 😜

    • I think Faraz being a father wasn’t giving a surprising reaction. He is the same guy who won the sword of honour remember? Far as we are told he is exactly the same Faraz from ABC so it’s not surprising he reacted that way. However, Dua’s whining was extremely irritating, being on her own behalf and unfortunately too many Duas exist in real life. Also, I don’t think Saad has sacrificed a medical profession for her. For one thing he has a second position at the board so has multiple options and for another, I remember him saying he was confused, and the army as a career option was discussed in the same family meeting. Also, he is an intermediate pass. Students are often confused at that time in life and might just go with the flow…

  • OH God …couldn’t agree more. What a plain episode. By the way Its never like that three “wailai” (one who was enjoying stay with cousins one month before exams and two who were always bunking and busy with friends) got 1st and second positions. Mr. Writer things are not that easy. Cherry on the top ” mai nai itni mehnat 2nd anai kai liay nahi ki thi”…come on.
    Can anyone tell me what complex Alizey has about her looks isn’t it well established that she is one of the top beauty these days here. Why she cannot stay simple. Its really hard to convince her to tie her hairs or make up like a teenager. She just kills the impact.

  • Thank you for the review Fatima.
    The initial episodes were all fun and games but Ehd e Wafa hasn’t done it for me yet. First of all the whole middle aged guys as college students has been a little distracting 😀 And the turn of events in this week’s episode felt too rushed. I don’t know why the writers did this to OKB’s character but I can not foresee any redemption for the horse killing Chaudry now. Ahad Raza Mir is a great actor but today he had the same sullen expression throughout to the point that it kind of got annoying. Also I agree, I was hoping for a much better introduction for Vaneeza Ahmad. I mean it’s Vaneeza Ahmad back on our screens for crying out loud (fan girl in me couldn’t resist)!!
    I hope once we get to the army portion of the play it’s going to get better.

    • You’re most welcome Sam. LOL @ Horse killing Chaudhry! That chaudhry pan was cliched to the core and rather sudden. I know right! I was also expecting better, that was such a thandi introduction.

      Yes! I hope so too.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I hated the scene where Shahzain killed the horse and now I can’t really feel good for the character. I am all against animal cruelty.
    What Malik Sahab said to principal, that if put too much restrictions on kids, they will break the rule, I actually agree.
    I did not like Saad’s father insisting he should have secured first position. And also I did not like how he gave up his admission in medical university.
    I wonder what turned to be Shariq’s result.

    • It’s not really a sacrifice. Saad is already confused about the line he wants to take and the army has already been discussed as a career option. His parents aren’t forcing anything on him. He has a second position he can apply at more than one government medical college if he wants. It is just an off-hand gesture though there is nothing in Dua appealing enough to invite kind gestures. She was whining over her position like so many real people do unfortunately. Faraz though, doesn’t look bad for criticising his son for being second. He was the Alpha in ABC, the Sword of Honour of his course, and someone we can reasonably assume might have been a “first” during his schooling too. We are told he is the same from ABC and from all we know of the ABC Faraz, it’s not a big deal to react the way he did…

  • Wow Fatima. That’s a crazy no of comments. Not sure why everyone is hating Shahzain so much. I agree that the horse killing was very cruel. But I think his character has always been on the crazier side and looking at his grandfather We can see where it is coming from. I actually liked his grandfather’s scenes. Watching him, I actually felt like I know people like this in Pakistan. I loved how the different backgrounds of the different characters were shown. Would like to have seen more of Shafiq & Shehryar. That gareeb & gairatmant dialogue of Shariq was very heart wrenching. Didn’t like Saad being upset for so long & the whole leaving Medical for Dua scene was beyond ridiculous. Sorry Dua, even though you are very pretty, you are very plain & B-O-R-I-N-G in this drama!

    • Dua is totally uninspiring and not at all the sort that any man should be mooning over, especially one as promising as Saad. For me, Zara’s character, for all its wonkiness, is better, because at least she HAS a character! Dua is just a pretty face and Alizeh Shah can not act. Even with the same character if Sajal had been playing it instead, people would have been approving of the chemistry, and not because she is his fiancee…

    • Everyone is hating him because Osman is an over actor who cannot accept criticism. He lacks acting skills and grace.

    • Yes, I agree Sana it has been on the crazy side for sure but I feel the transition was rushed and not convincing. One minute we see him with this grim look on his face and the other minute he is killing the horse! Didn’t work for me at all. Same here, more of the other two Ss’

  • I have checked this website atleast 100 times for this reviews alone. Reviewit was not opening but finally here I am commenting. Agree with this review 100 percent. Stupid idea to take the story to this direction. Osman khalid was never acting naturally. He has so many expressions.

  • This drama is the perfect example of miscasting… we couldnt relate the lead actors to their characters..i read somewhere OKB interview tht he could not change his looks for this drama coz of surkh chandni..i mean then why the hell u accept this character n what the thing forced producers to cast him…!!! n now this dada g… i mean director dint get any Punjabi speaking actor for this character..!!!! Dint they see muhammad ahmad could not translate this character on screen appropriately..These apprently little things really putting me off…

  • the horse scene did not pack the punch Team Ehd e Wafa was expecting, I assume and even if it did it would have been good to include a warning that the “some scenes might be disturbing and that no animal was harmed in the making of this program” etc. I am against any type of cruelty but sometimes it is important to show or imply for the progression of the story, this was not a case here, the build up was not there and Shahzain was not intense enough to pull this off, I expected him to buckle down and cry for losing the race and his friendships, that might have been Shahzain’s redemption ticket. Best scenes from this episode were between Shehryar and his father. Seriously missed Shariq. Would love to see more of them and their stories. Ahad seemed cut off from the character in the second part of the episode. I wish he had a more concrete reason to not pursue medicine and join the Army. Even the dinner conversation about his career options was so weird because no parent takes it lightly, esp not an Army man. it would have been better (IMO) to show Saad wanting to pursue medicine but how he gave up that dream to join the Army because of his Dad and secondary reason Dua . The first 3 episodes were binged and now I am scared that it wont be as good.

  • I don’t know why people are overreacting to that horse killing scene? People said it’s copied from peaky blinders. To those who say this i will say you guys have never been to Punjab. There are lots of Horse races happen in villages and if a horse constantly looses, the owner kills him. It happens in Punjab side so i am not upset. Infact it was realistic and they showed the other side of the Shahzain’s personality. I guess you don’t know but Vaneeza Ahmad’s name is written as guest appearance in credits. I agree with you on the flow of the drama that it looked somewhat off at some point. I am pretty satisfied with overall episode. You wrote a wonderful review.

    • Thank you Ahsan. Appreciate Your feedback. The transition was too quick and this scene like many other came out of nowhere. OKB completely failed at translating the right emotions in my opinion. The scene is a little too similar therefore I don’t blame those people who are fussing about it. Hero’s mom has guest appearance, that’s sad! I am glad you liked this episode that means there is hope.

  • I don’t think that horse killing scene was brutal. He has been shown as a fuedal landlord and when they are upset on something, thuey do act wierd. That is why i am not much disappointed. However, one thing we should keep in mind that they have been shown as normal teenagers so they do behave wierd. They are neither stable emotionally nor they feel like so. That happens to most of the teenagers these days. Plus one should always bear in mind that Saad was infatuated by Dua and (as it usually happens) his friends took the things a little too far purely having fun. That’s a normal thing between young friends, does happen

  • The horse scene was just too distressing. I thought his grandad would stop him or at least tell him off after.

    I thought this was meant to be a light hearted drama to watch with children and husband.

    Hope it picks up when they join the army. Hoping for no real dark, gloomy twists.