Mehwish Hayat Talks About Her Item Song In Na Maloom Afraad

Mehwish Hayat’s item song in the upcoming, much awaited film “Na Maloom Afraad” is the talk of the town. Some people are questioning whether such item songs are really needed in our films or not and others are looking forward to watching how well Mehwish Hayat performed. Mehwish Hayat has already shown in her live dance performances that she knows the art of dancing.

Mehwish Hayat talked to Dawn News about her dance number. She said “I used to watch a lot of Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez videos to copy the moves…..I loved to dance and really wanted to do something related to dance in the industry.”

She also told the newspaper that shooting the song was not easy at all.

“It was a wooden dance floor… I had bruised and swollen feet and was unable to walk for days,” she said.


She sounded very happy with the progress in Pakistani cinema.


“Item songs are the highlight for any film, and after working on this one, I definitely feel that Pakistani cinema is evolving. We’ve already made our name in television and will soon rise in the film industry as well. We [Pakistan] are no less than any other country’s film industry.”

She also said that working in the film was like a dream come true. Here is the trailer of the film: