Mehwish Hayat’s Bold Performance On AFA 2016 – Shocking Video

Mehwish Hayat started her career from television few years ago. She has been known for her bold style right from the beginning of her career but there were very few characters in her dramas which demanded such a style. However when a actor reaches the world of film things are very different because there are less limitations in films and female actresses are very often expected to wear revealing clothes to attract the audience. In the recently held ARY Awards Mehwish Hayat was seen scantily dressed while she performed on a dance. This is the first time that a Pakistani actress wore such a revealing outfit in a live show. The show has not aired on television till now because these shows are edited before they are shown to the viewers. But someone made a video of her performance which is going viral. The question is, will ARY edit this song or will they show it on television? If they show it on television they will be setting a wrong example which others might follow.

Watch the video clip here:


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