Mehwish Hayat’s Concert!

Mehwish Hayat is a well known actress and model and we have to give it to her, she is really good at both the things. However, recently, she’s trying her luck in the department of music and in our honest opinion, we have failed to find her musical calling.

Despite her not being too good at singing, her concert tickets are getting sold out wherever she performs. We believe that is because of her flawless acting  and the fame she has gained through that. Different fields are suited for different people and from the songs we have heard her perform, we can’t help but think that it’s better if she sticks to acting. After all, she has gained enough fame through that if the audience that comes to watch her at each concert is anything to go by. However, a few people do believe that she can get better at singing with time.

These days she is doing her first ever music tour in the U.S and performed in the city of Dallas last night. She already had a concert in Seattle and Los Angeles on 7 and 8 August respectively.

We aren’t sure if her audience enjoyed her singing at her concert last night but the singer sure did. She expressed her excitement for her performance as well gratitude for the crowd on her Instagram video post:


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