MERCEDES! A Status Symbol in our Dramas

OK I think we have talked enough on dramas and actors, this time I will be going to talk on a very odd topic and that is growing trend of showing Mercedes car in dramas. Yes it may be sound abnormal to you that I am talking on a totally diversified chapter but this is something I am observing that Mercedes car is now being used often for past 2 3 years. I know that this topic may sound lame as well but don’t worry I will told you some blunders and will do some fun with those dramas in which Mercedes car had been shown.

Now there is a trend among writers to show a highly rich family and a poor or middle class family in which usually a boy having a lavish lifestyle prefers to love a girl who is from a poor or middle class family. I don’t understand what our writers are thinking seriously does it connects to real world or if it I guess very seldom or if they are trying to change the society then most welcome from my side.

OK so coming back to our topic Mercedes-Benz is a German auto-mobile manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz is considered to be a benchmark of auto mobile Industry and it is one of the prestigious brand of the world. Usually businessmen prefers to buy Mercedes-Benz because of its elite class. Well it is true that people in Pakistan also consider Mercedes as high valuable car like in every country so I can say that showing a Mercedes in dramas represents a true face of society but how they are valuing it in dramas let me show you with some of my crispy and freakish analysis I hope you will enjoy. I will discuss some recent dramas and attitudes of rich people having Mercedes car in dramas.

So the trend of showing Mercedes more often actually begins with drama “Humsafar”. Asher an obedient son and a good business man running his father business successfully drives the Mercedes E- Class 2005 model yet he marries his cousin from a poor family back ground. Don’t darn at me because I will not say anything wrong as his marriage is a forceful marriage so no blunder in the story. Realistic test passed well done Farhat Ishtiaq!

Ok moving on Fawad’s next drama “Zindagi Gulzar hai”, fawad as Zaroon yet again a sweet papa’s boy having same type of egoistic mother like in humsafar drives to university in Mercedes S class 350 2008 model seriously! This is the most expensive model and he is driving this car only to come to university I wonder what his father is driving or they are super rich having two Mercedes. Well I guess Mercedes is for business class he should have some sporty car in order to look cool. Zaroon is so humble to that he wants to marry a middle class girl Kashaf and he don’t like the modern lifestyle does this exist in rich families? I grew up in a typical society where rich people’s children doesn’t even bother to look at poor people well it might happen so reality test half passed!

Kankar drama another set of pity issue by Umera Ahmed a rich guy running a multi-million business prefers to marry Kiran a girl from a middle class family and look at the attitude of a girl she doesn’t wants to marry him! However her father accepts the proposal, so after getting married Kiran sits on the front seat of Mercedes E class 2011 model. Now a major blunder in the story she travels in luxurious Mercedes but reveals her wish for another car as she likes it and next day her husband bought it for her. Well now this is something unrealistic but on the other hand she is a girl she can have a different choice.

Talking about current drama Aasmano Pe Likha and a trend to show rich guy with a mercedes and poor girl continues. So Sheheryar as Aaliyan another dadu’s sweet boy enters a marriage hall and wants to help a girl Qudsia by giving his Mercedes car to her in laws because girl’s in laws wants a car in Jahez but her father couldn’t provide it due to financial difficulties. So if Aaliyan is offering his Mercedes why they haven’t accepted it because Aaliyan and Qudsia’s relation had already been made on sky. Wow every poor girl wants to have fortune with a dashing rich husband driving Mercedes-Benz who will be humble and kind as well. Realistic test failed as it is unrealistic.

Umera Ahmed’s another drama serial Muhabbat Subah Ka Sitara well don’t remind me yes the story of a rich guy and poor girl is still running. So another humble and a kind businessman with a large business fell in love with her innocent secretary who is from a poor family background. Umera Ahmed’s story although gives us lots of lessons but don’t why she loves to show a connection between rich and poor. Any ways Nabeel driving a Mercedes S class wants to give his whole property to his wife yes the same innocent secretary. Well if a person owns a Mercedes, A large business and property so I guess he will not be stupid enough firstly to get married with such a poor girl surely he will look for a girl in his own class secondly if it happens so no one is stupid one to give all his wealth including property to his wife. Reality test failed big time.

My last choice “Bunty I love you” the trend changed as the writer is now a male so this time a rich woman who had inherited wealth from her old-aged husband who died at the age of 72 and a poor guy. Saba Qamar as Dania driving Mercedes S Class 2008 model accidently met Bunty who is a cell phone snatcher and that accident proves to be a treasure for bunty. Bunty is such a lucky person two rich girls love him one Mehwish whose father owns a car showroom in dubai and second is dania. I know all boys will want that to happen! Well at least dania having Mercedes and a large villa should have maintained her status. How unrealistic well don’t worry as Khalil-ur-Rehman stories are always unrealistic yet interesting.

Above is all folks although containing some reality, so don’t took it seriously.If you have found my analysis lame just criticize but I want to come up with something different.


Maaz is a student of accountancy who has always been a Pakistani Drama Lover. Providing analysis on Pakistani Entertainment Industry is his hobby and he feels honored to be a part of the reviewit team.