Miandad has Imran Khan’s back

Javed Miandad and Imran Khan were supportive of each other during their playing career and it seems that their bond is still the same even after all these years.

Javed Miandad has something to say about the situation where Imran Khan has faced huge criticism for passing the ‘phateechar’ remark regarding the foreign players in the Pakistan Super League final.

“These are regular cricketing terms and every cricketer knows them. In Karachi we have been using these terms from ages”, said Miandad in a TV show.
“I don’t consider them problematic at all, because I know the background of these terms,” he said.
He also said that attention should be paid to Najam Sethi’s allegation that England star Kevin Pietersen did not participate in the final due to Khan’s remarks.

“It is a huge allegation, and it needs to be highlighted, especially after Pietersen has come out and clarified that it was his own decision and Imran Khan had nothing to do with it, English players never play if there is a security risk and we all know it already.”

Miandad even suggested Imran’s statement isn’t even an issue. “The whole nation saw when they [politicians] fought in the national assembly,” he added. “This is a real issue.”