Mikaal Zulfiqar Trolls Ayesha Khan & Urwa Hocane

Mikaal Zulfiqar never fails to speak his mind. The actor was in news for his divorce with wife Sana Bhatti. Recently, he appeared at tonite with HSY and said a few controversial things about two Pakistani actresses which might not go well with their fans.

HSY asked a few tricky questions from the actor, he asked Mikaal to fill in the blanks with a name of an actress and Mikaal replied with Urwa Hocane’s name and admitted that he might get criticised for the same.

“_____ ki shakal bari achi hai laikin usko apna muh band rakhna chahiye. (____ is pretty but should keep her mouth shut.)

However, he then went on to troll Ayesha Khan calling her an ‘extra’, picking Sanam Baloch as the star and Hareem farooq as the villain while sidelining Ayesha Khan.

Rimsha Butt