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Mikaal Zulfiqar Wants To Introduce Explosive Ideas To Pakistani Drama Industry

Mikaal Zulfiqar is very well known as a host, model and an actor but what many people do not know is that this talented young man also stepped into production with the plays Maan and Tum Mere Kya Ho. Both these dramas have nothing new to offer but Mikaal has plans to do something different in the future. This was his first production so he thought it was better to play it safe. While talking to Instep Magazine Mikaal said,

“I am grateful to my team who helped me complete two serials back-to-back as producer. Yes, the stories are run-of-the-mill but when you don’t know the art (of production), you have to start with something that is familiar to the audience. Trust me, I am going to bring some explosive ideas to the screen in the next few months because that’s what our drama industry lacks.”


Apart from working in his country Mikaal has also done films in India. These films were not very popular and some of them have been subject of controversy too. This is what Mikaal had to say about his Bollywood career so far,

“You can call me unlucky when it comes to Bollywood, “My first film, Godfather, was an Indo-Pak production in 2006 and I got to work with Vinod Khanna, Arbaaz Khan and many other experienced actors. Afterwards, I was offered a role in Shoot on Sight where Om Puri sahib and Naseeruddin Shah sahib were my co-stars. The film did well at the box office but soon after, the Mumbai attacks happened and despite having a few offers, I was left in a lurch – I didn’t have an Indian visa, nor any work in Pakistan. It was then that I realized that this might continue to happen in the future so I put a stop to my Bollywood aspirations and began working in Pakistan. Thankfully my decision helped and that’s one of the reasons why I have stayed away from films – both in India and Pakistan.”


Talking about how his character looked and acted when he aged Mikaal said,

“Yaar that’s television and we aren’t that well-versed in the makeup department in Pakistan. “Things might be a little better in films; we still have a long way to go in terms of television. Haseeb Hasan has done a wonderful job with Dayar-e-Dil but if the audience didn’t like the aging thing, all I can say is that we will try to work on it in the future.”


Talking about what he has planned for the future Mikaal said,

“I am happy with my work on TV here and would love to carry Pakistan forward if I can – as an actor, producer and model. This country has given us a lot and we must ensure that this debt is paid back by delivering quality products.”

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