Moammar Rana Daughter Makeup Artist Rea Rana Latest Pictures

So, almost every other day we are watching a new face on Television screen. Many of the new artists are either daughters or sons of our veteran actors or actresses. Rea Moammar Rana is one of them. Rea Moammar Rana is the daughter of our film star, drama actor and film director Moammar Rana and Mehnaz Perwaiz. Moammar Rana and Mehnaz Pervaiz have two daughters together. Moammar Rana’s daughter Rea Moammar Rana is all grown up to a pretty young girl now. Rea Moammar Rana is an emerging talent. She is a makeup artist and runs her own makeup studio by the name of Reax Makeup Studio. Rea Moammar Rana is a certified makeup artist and has her makeup studio located in DHA, Lahore. Rea Moammar Rana also runs her personal blog on Instagram successfully by the name of Reax Makeup and has thousands of followers. Rea Moammar Rana also runs her own YouTube channel as well by her own name.  Rea took the edge of social media to show her talent to the world. Rea shares her pictures on her Instagram account frequently.  Here we have recent clicks of Rea Moammar Rana. Let’s have a look at these adorable pictures of Rea Moammar Rana:

rea rana 1

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