5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Take Pride In Speaking Urdu

Urdu is a beautiful language. It is a language which includes a lot of words from Arabic and Persian, which makes it quite vast in terms of vocabulary. In the era of PTV, Urdu content was articulately complied and every single program used to be designed in such a way so that it could cater to the Pakistani audience and their understanding. Over the years, with the freedom of media and no checks on language criteria, Urdu has suffered a lot. The kind of Urdu that was heard during the PTV era is unfortunately only a dream. With the modernization of the Pakistani content and media, the diction has changed and evolved a lot. In dramas or movies, the medium that plays a huge part in promoting the mother tongue, the usage of English has become widespread.

As much as Pakistani actors are becoming globally accessible and are approaching the world to promote a positive image of Pakistan, they are learning English to make it easier for themselves to communicate. However, in such an era, there are very few celebrities who focus on Urdu and love to communicate in their mother tongue. There are very few celebrities who are eloquent in both English and Urdu, but they are sensitive to the fact that when they are making an appearance on Pakistani media, they must speak in Urdu because the larger part of the audience happens to understand it better.

Here are the 5 Pakistani celebrities who take pride in Urdu:

Reema Khan

Reema Khan has groomed herself over the years. It won’t be wrong to say that she has been one of the very few stars who were the pioneers of representing Pakistani culture all around the world. Reema Khan has come a long way and she has groomed herself into an all-rounded personality. She has also focused a lot on learning English because it helps her in communicating with people around the globe. However, Reema Khan is one such celebrity who takes pride in her Urdu. It won’t be wrong to say that in the current era, she happens to be the only celebrity who can engage the audience with how well-versed and eloquent she is when it comes to speaking in her mother tongue. She often sounds poetic and is very articulate in wording her thoughts beautifully. Reema Khan has worked a lot on herself and knows how to leave an impression with her elegance and charm, however her command on Urdu is one of the most endearing aspects of her personality and it definitely sets her apart. It has helped her in carving her niche and it has also made her stand out from the crowd because she has stayed true to her roots.

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas is just as eloquent in English as he is in Urdu. However, he is also one of those celebrities who are very sensitive to the fact that when they are appearing on Pakistani television, he makes sure to speak in Urdu and all of his interviews show how well-versed he is. Imran Abbas is into Urdu poetry and Urdu literature, which is why it reflects in his thoughts as well as his words. Imran Abbas also has the power to engage the audience with his thoughts and musings, which he conveys in a most beautiful manner.

Imran Ashraf Awan

After unlocking the new level of success, Imran Ashraf has now come to the forefront where he makes sure to interact with his fans and share his thoughts with them through social media. It is a known fact how consuming and taxing the world of social media can be which forces a person to lose their touch of originality and also compels them to follow the trends and race that everyone is guilty of. However, Imran Ashraf’s take is refreshing and endearing. He always comes up with beautifully thought out messages for his fans, however, he makes sure to convey it all in Urdu. This is the reason, all of his posts and comments on Instagram are in Urdu with which he facilitates himself to convey the essence of his heartfelt prayers and wishes towards others.

5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Take Pride In Speaking Urdu 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Take Pride In Speaking Urdu

Hira Mani

Hira Mani is also one of those celebrities who has often spoken in different interviews about how she takes pride in being Urdu Medium Types. This was probably the label given to her when she stepped in the industry and was approached by a lot of different people for interviews, however she didn’t let it turn into her weakness. Hira doesn’t shy away from stating the fact that she is not well-versed in English, that is why she is at her utmost comfort in speaking in Urdu and doesn’t pay heed to what others might think about it.

Mohsin Haider Abbas

Mohsin Haider Abbas is also one such celebrity from the younger lot who is eloquent in Urdu and takes pride in it. In his interview, he had stated how he used to listen to interviews and watch shows of the likes of Sir Zia Mohiuddin. He gave all the credit to those fine seniors who helped him in getting familiar with the beauty of his mother tongue and allowed him to explore it more. Mohsin Abbas Haider is into writing himself, he often does poetry and it is purely in the most beautiful form of Urdu. He has a complete command over Urdu language and he loves to share it with his fans.

5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Take Pride In Speaking Urdu 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Take Pride In Speaking Urdu

These are the 5 celebrities who take pride in speaking Urdu. Do you think more celebrities should work on their vocabulary? Do you also think the dialogues in our dramas should not be so casual in wording and should purely be in Urdu to keep the essence of Urdu language intact? Media plays a huge part in promoting the language but in recent times, it seems to be compromised upon. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • saba faisal. Noticed it in thora sa haq aswell as kahin deep jale and a few more dramas.

    Good to see Imrans in the list

  • I fail to understand why so many of our artists cannot pronounce “QAAF” properly… many pronounce “KAAF”. Reema cannot say Qaaf, and neither does Hira Mani. Very few do nowadays, and I’ve even noticed so many actors / actresses using “GAAF” in place of “GHAIN”, i.e. gussa instead of GHussa. I grew up in the States and can pronounce these letters.

    • Oh Erum , you took the words outta my mouth. Exactly my thoughts. Many times, I replayed to confirm that I’m hearing correctly. I think these actors trying to sound like Bollywood. It’s not that they cannot pronounce, they are intentionally doing it. They may have problem pronouncing Qaaf, but I’m pretty sure that they are intentionally pronouncing Ghain & Ph ( I don’t know if you noticed that few of them are saying fir instead of phir)

      • FIR! Seriously! That is terrible! Pretty soon they will say “JIndagi” instead of “Zindagi”… I just don’t get it.

    • 100 percent correct Erum. Senior actors like Talat Hussain Qavi sir Sania Saeed and so many others should be in this list. This list has those actors who speak Urdu because they cannot speak English that doesn’t mean they are proud of Urdu.

      • You’re so right! Reema lives in the city I live in and I see her often out and about.. her command of English is very poor so she speaks Urdu, and even that her enunciation is not good. Not knowing English doesn’t make you a better Urdu speaker.