Mohsin Abbas Haider Has A Special Message For Everyone

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host. He is known for his appearance as DJ in Duniya News’s talk show Mazaaq Raat as well as his appearance in several films and serials. 

Mohsin Abbas gained notoriety after his wife accused him of domestic violence in July.  People started criticizing him and Nazish Jahangir for their affair. At that time, Moshin spoke to the media and told his fans that it was all a lie. Mazaaq Raat fired Mohsin after the whole incidence. 

Well, one of Mohsin’s fans made a fan page and uploaded Mohsin and Nazish picture with a caption ’Best Couple Soon’. This was shocking news for everyone. Another shock was that Nazish commented on that picture saying ’In Sha Allah’ and Mohsin liked her comment. 

Mohsin 1


Mohsin 0

Mohsin Abbas tweeted that everyone is acting as a spy in his life. They are keeping their eyes on his moves. Everyone wants to be a trend and for that, they are doing whatever they can. 

Mohsin doesn’t care what other people are saying about him and his personal life. He will do whatever he wants to do.  

Have a look at Mohsin’s recent tweet. 

Mohsin 2


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  • Log dusron ki zindagi mai interfear kerna kyun zaroori samajhte hain, jaise khud to farishte hon. Mohsin is a talented person in his field, tali dono hathon se bajti hai.

  • The mans liar such a creep beating his wife when she’s pregnant good it’s all come out disgusting behaviour two faced psycho good job the real him has been shown for his true colour that whore behaviour of the other woman shame on her allah ki laanat on her too .

  • Muhsin is A big lair.he trapped his wife.such a cheap person.never wanna see him on TV or film again

  • His life..he is free to do whatever he wishes to do.. everyone else should mind their own business.

  • Why do people love pointing and accusing people to shame them ? Don’t they realise it is a sin to accuse anyone without real actual proof? Just because everyone is jumping on the band wagon , you don’t have to do the same! Typical ,small , narrow minded cowards!
    When you point a finger at anyone , the other fingers are pointing back at you!
    How is it that you don’t shame the corrupt politicians who are in jail , and still have so many idiots saying they were great leaders!? Because these people benefitted from the corrupt practices, that’s why!
    They robbed our country of its future success, poisoned its blood and robbed its decency , leaving us ashamed to be a Pakistani!
    Mohsin Abbas Haider was in show business trying to earn his bread , and had worked so hard to gain his status by entertaining the public. Making us happy !!
    Why do you want to punish him so badly that he is no longer able to work! ?
    People are very hypocritical in Pakistan especially when they see someone down . They love kicking them even more ! Shame on you !
    Think about your sins before you throw stones on anyone !
    Remember what our beloved prophet ( SAW) used to say, not to back bite, and not spread or listen to rumours.
    Mohsin was found guilty of “threatening behaviour” not of beating her up, as there was no proof of this .
    Pakistani press is the most corrupt press, run by corrupt owners. They start their headlines with fireworks and a dramatic headline , which then is reduced to a damp squib at the end.
    Open your eyes for goodness sake! Don’t believe everything you read , and use your common sense!
    I don’t watch mazaaq raat anymore, aside from the great comedians – it is a waste of time watching people squirm and usually the women being shown to be shallow bird brained bimbos, which they most often are, I’m sad to say !
    I only watched it for Mohsin , he has a beautiful and amazing voice, and he used to sing songs from the heart , with great sensitivity and great empathy. Used to look forward to that!
    I’m not bothered to watch the new dj after the first time . What a let down ! Sad Mazaaq raat producers/ bosses 😂 What a joke after Our Mohsin !
    I’m sure Allah SWT has better things in store for Mohsin- In sha’allah ! 🤲🕋❤️You know what they say – you get diamonds from coal – from all the heat and pressure which it undergoes in the Earth! He will become a super star Insha’allah ! Peace🤲🕋

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