Mrs Khan Regrets Sharing Her Patriarchal Views

Few days ago, Mrs Khan appeared in an interview where she talked about how married girls should behave. She talked about how girls can save their marriages by keeping their mouth shut. Her interview went viral and gathered mix reviews. Most of the man supported her but there were a lot of people who were against her patriarchal mindset.

In a recent interview, Mrs Khan was asked about her previous viral video and she shared:

She shared about how she was bullied by many people. She kept on getting calls at 3-4am in the morning. On asking upon, does she regret what she said?

“Yes, I could have said it in a softer manner maybe my blood pressure was high and there were many things which were going in my mind. However, I also feel that the youth should not retaliate like this,” she added

She continued by giving example of a modern woman, Mrs Khan said her daughter is married into a house with four sisters-in-law and she can prepare meal for 40 people daily.

“She has seen me and she has heard about her grandmother and she knows we can manage,” she said proudly.

Mrs Khan admitted that nowadays, it is near to impossible for the man to run the entire household again. She also added how it is equally important for men to take care of their wives and that she would never support a man who raises his hand on his wife or expects her to be a full time maid.



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