Mohsin Abbas Haider Visiting Amanullah Khan

Amanullah Khan is a Pakistani television stand up comedian. He has influenced the lives of many actors and local people. He has a world record of 860-day and night theater plays.

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Amanullah khan, who was recently working for Duniya News talk show, Mazaaq Raat. He was suffering from a critical chest infection and underwent treatment in ICU. He is fine now and has been shifted to the ward. 

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Several celebrities prayed for his early and fast recovery. Mohsin Abbas Haider also prayed for a healthy life for Amanullah Khan. They share a special bond as they have worked on the same set for a long time. 

Mohsin Abbas Haider went to the hospital to personally meet him and to look after him. He asked his fans and followers to pray for a speedy recovery of Amanullah khan. 


Have a look at the recent post of Mohsin Abbas with Amanullah Khan. 


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  • Amanullah ,one of the greatest artist India has ever experienced..we all Indians love you sir and forever will..take your medicines on time.take good care of yourself.hope for early recovery..good bless

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