Sana Javed Play Role Of A Doctor In Upcoming Drama

Upcoming drama ’Zard Bahar’ has changed its title to ’Ruswai’ and is going to air on ARY Digital around 25th September. The drama is featuring Mikaal Zulfiqar as a pilot who fell in love with a doctor. Sana Javed plays the role of a doctor who fights for her rights. 

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Sana opened up about her character Dr. Samira while talking to the Dawn Images. She said that Dr. Samira is a very headstrong woman who knows what she wants from her life. She’s very confident and makes sure to take a stand for what’s right and raise her voice, be it for herself or for anyone else. She is very close to her family, especially her father. 

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Sana added that the character is very impactful. This character gave her so much strength and courage. That’s the message which she wants to give to the viewers that women are not weak and don’t think that you can impose something on them now. Women all around the world are strong enough to stand for their rights. Everyone has the full right to make their life decisions. 

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Moreover, Mikaal Zulfiqar told the media that there are many other issues discussed in the play. 

Let’s just wait some more days to watch the most interesting story of ARY Digital ’Ruswai’. 

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