Momina Mustehsan Lashes Out At Amir Liaquat!

A couple of days ago, Amir Liaquat invited Meera Jee to Bol TV’s ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga’. He decided to have some fun at her expense. He availed opportunities to take digs at Meera and his overall persona, tone and mannerisms were demeaning and rude.

Apparently, his encounter with Meera became quite controversial. The whole nation was disturbed by the controversial conversation between Meera and Amir Liaquat. The video went viral and a few celebrities spoke against the whole cringe-worthy incident!

Sharemeen Obaid was totally appalled by the whole incident:

The latest one to speak against Amir Liaquat is Momina Mustehsan and it’s exactly what feel!

Amir Liaqat, the man known for stuffing mangoes down a man’s mouth last year has learnt nothing from the continues criticism he receives.

Rimsha Butt