Sun Yaara Episodes 23 & 24 Review – Revelations!

While watching these two episodes, I was reminded of this nursery rhyme/song the kids used to listen to when they were small. The one about five little monkeys jumping on the bed, then there are four, three, etc (those were some seriously dheet monkeys by the way!). Anyway, here it seemed like cat upon cat was let out of the bag as there were quite a few revelations. Saima’s blurting out the truth about Tania, Saif’s mother ‘realising’ how unfair she had been, Saif ‘realising’ he can not bear being separated from his son (although having managed just fine till now) and Hina spilling the beans about Tania-Talal to Roshni.

Saima blurting out the truth about Tania was convincing enough for me for her character lacks depth and even though she probably felt very clever at the time, siding with Tania even when she saw right through her now when rubbed the other way she could not help blurting all out in front of Saif. Tania’s accident made her mother suddenly realise how she has wronged Laali. Which is what she said at least but I am not sure whether she genuinely feels guilt or is suddenly worried about how all this will affect her children’s marriages (given as they are all married into the same family!).

I find it odd how Saif never had the urge to see his son before Tania sent him a picture. They live in the same city but it never occurred to him to go see him and now one picture has him turned into a raging father who must have his ‘haq’. I wondered too at Tania’s intentions when she sent Saif the picture. Somehow I do not believe she intended for him to go crazy like this and demand that the child be with him or to complicate Laali’s life but Saif has set out just to do that. Before learning the truth about Tania, it was only his son he wanted back but now he wants Laali and his son and lives in some weird frame of mind where he believes that Laali still harbors feelings for him. I suppose in his odd little La la land he now fancies a ha-lala. Quite lame I know, but I could not resist, haha.

I am not sure what Laali was thinking taking her son to the park to meet Saif. Yes, he threatened to come to her house and the only thing I can think of is that since Mustafa was not home she did not want it to go back to his ears that Saif had visited. But I feel she should take him into confidence for it is not as if Mustafa is not aware of her first marriage so why the secrecy, especially as Laali till now has seemed to be quite a sensible person. But hey, who’s asking me. I expected Ayaan to say something about meeting a man in the park or something to that effect but he has not said anything as yet. It is predictable which way this is headed and then the promo for the next episode confirms it so now tables have turned and it is like being on a see saw. Laali sulked while Mustafa suffered, they came midway and their relationship if not close then at least was amicable and now I suppose Mustafa will sulk and Laali shall suffer. Ah well.

While we are talking about parks and see saws, Talal and Roshni have their own ping pong game of insults going on. She screamed, raged, cried, pouted, flounced – all to end up meekly saying ‘qabool hai’. I have no idea whether mujhay roza lag raha hai or not Roshni, rather I am ‘kam aqal’ but what exactly is the problem between these two? I mean, yes she overheard the conversation Talal and Laali had and well she got to know what he thought of her – straight from the horse’s mouth! So, would it not be logical that she would be hurt and question his feelings and intentions? Then why the arrogance and anger on Talal’s part that she should not question anything. Not questioning would be being ‘kam aqal’ or demanding to know what those words meant is? How about a simple conversation where they could come clean about their thoughts – heck, I could pen the lines down for them since words seem to not be their best friends right now. Talal seeks Roshni out like a never ending game of cat and mouse only to hurl insults at her and she has wept most of these episodes away, like a very weepy Rudolph!! I was less than impressed about his anger on their wedding night although I do have to say it was actually nice and different how they bothered offered their prayers together. Realistic or not, it still left me with a nice feeling.

So as illogical as the strain between these two is, it appears Tania’s story seems to have snapped Roshni out of her misery. No clue how that has helped but I hope things get better now and Talal has a better apology/explanation for his behaviour for being curt is one thing but questioning one’s intelligence repeatedly and putting them down is another.

I know I went on like tweety bird about how I liked this drama and I still do but I do think maybe I enjoyed it more because I had the chance to binge watch it. Also, probably because before I tuned in and decided to review it (which automatically awakens my Midas touch), nobody was having this many tantrums. Now Roshni, Talal, Saif all seem to be acting up. I would like a bit more focus on Laali and Mustafa now as I was fast losing patience with Talal. I found myself looking forward to Khurram’s scenes because yes he adds humor to the drama but I like how he has a much more sane and logical head on his shoulders than Talal and how he can tune in to others’ emotions and not be tagged with the constant joker label. Even though Faris Shafi’s drawl and acting seem quite typical in each drama (not that I quite mind to be honest), I like how I could feel myself get truly annoyed with his selfishness. He often passes off as quite ‘masoom’ in his acting and till now his only (albeit a big one) fault had been that he was weak and preferred to listen to his mother and sisters over his wife but now when he has taken the reins in his own hands, he has not managed to redeem himself at all rather just seems to have sunk even lower.

It appears as if The Bratzz (Saif & Co.) are all out to wreak further havoc in the lives of the members of Sikander villa. Looking forward to seeing how Mustafa tackles the Laali-Saif issue and what exactly Tania has to say to Talal and whether she manages to get the chance to talk to him. The drama seems to be heading towards its end which would a decent time to end it I feel. What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid