Laughter and Donations – Now That’s Charity!

This Saturday evening witnessed a surprising yet appreciative turnout at the PACC where people in hundreds, came to watch a group of 24 comedians – new, old, single or in groups- including Pakistan’s very own Saad Haroon, the acclaimed second funniest man in the world and the radio jockey for the popular FM 89’s The Breakfast Show.

The event was held in order to raise proceeds for the Edhi Foundation, as a six hour long charity comedy marathon.

‘Smile Till Sehri’ was perhaps a most brilliant initiative taken by these performers for two major reasons.

For one, it provided these stage comedians with an incredible platform to showcase their talent and style, especially for those who hadn’t performed ever before, so that both the artist and the audience were able to experience and enjoy the tenacity of comedy like never before and the former could finally receive the appreciation he/she deserved at a bigger scale signalling a thumbs-up for keeping up their motivation and hard work.

Secondly, the idea was two-way charity flow, since the audience was able to contribute by attending the show and the performers were in exchange able to spread smiles and infuse contagious laughter among the viewers.

Saad Haroon hosting Smile Till Sehri
Saad Haroon hosting ‘Smile till Sehri’ at PACC


Some of the most awe-inspiring and memorable performances came from Umar Ahamd, Faheem Azam, (more commonly known as Faheem bhai since his act revolves around the insider’s perspective of Pathans), Ayesha Tariq giving a stage-play of her conversation with a PTCL representative; Osama Sami, Annie Shamim and Tabish Hashmi and last but most definitely not the least, Akbar Chaudhary.

One of the troupes that performed, called themselves The Improv Army, mentored by Hassan Bin Shaheen (who performed solely too) and comprising of girls with ages ranges from 17-19 years old, in training for a year. They were widely acknowledged by the audience as one of the most hilarious acts of the show.

Faiza Saleem was in full form and delivered the most from The Khawatoon troupe.
Undoubtedly there is both a demand and supply of comedic talent within our country that just needs to be given more opportunities like these in order to soar greater heights. Our television viewers often complain of the lack of proper humor in our drama serials and the absence of the production of such shows. With proper implementation, support and funds, we can tremendously enjoy the untapped reserve of original content and good jokes that awaits its access to larger audiences.

Mehreen Zaman