Mother’s Day: Pakistani Celebrities Share Beautiful Messages For Their Mothers

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day around the world. On this particular day, we get to honor and celebrate that one person in our lives who happens to be our best friend and our only solace in difficult times.

Although we believe there shouldn’t be a special day to celebrate mothers because they deserve to be loved and honored every second of every day, still, a special day dedicated to our moms just makes everything all too special for them too.

And today, just like us, our Pakistani celebrities too are sharing beautiful messages and wishing their mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s what our favorite celebrities have been posting;

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Happy Mother’s Day Mama @uzmamubeen_02 ♥️

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Nimoooo, Ammi and I ♥️🌸🤗

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Picture perfect.

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“Why don’t you hug ME??” my mother always says when I melt into a hug in my father’s arms. “Come here and hug me please,” she says, brow furrowed. ⁣ ⁣ When I was a kid, hugging my father was easy because he was bearlike, and always up for a hug. He would come back from the office and I would run towards him and he would scoop me up in his arms. ⁣ ⁣ It was a little more complicated with my mother. She was working as hard, if not more, getting The Friday Times on its feet. When she was not writing satirical columns, she was marketing the paper, working her ass off to generate advertising revenue, to build up circulation, then slogging harder to keep and retain revenue and readership. ⁣ ⁣ She always wore red lipstick. Her eyes were harried, alert. She had a big throaty laugh. ⁣ ⁣ My mother and I have had many difficult, painful conversations of what her chronic busyness – and stressed-outness – meant for us as children. Ali and I were lucky in that we had our Dadi and Maasi and Phuppo around, and they showered us with immense love.⁣ ⁣ But keeping a combative newspaper going was part of what drove my mother. Her search for her own identity began at 24 when she refused to accept her clan’s diktat, which demanded, among other things, that she marry a Syed. ⁣ ⁣ So she toiled. For many things – ideals, fruitful contradictions – and for many years. ⁣ ⁣ Now, when my mother asks me why I don’t hug her, I roll my eyes and laugh.⁣ ⁣ What I really want to tell her is that I love her anyway. ⁣ ⁣ I love her for her strength. (We have a thing for fetishising our mothers’ strengths, and for good reason. They are fucking warriors who understand they have no choice but to carry on, battle on, JUGGLE SHIT, SORT SHIT OUT, HANDLE SHIT. They get stuff done, they raise kids—and their emotional intelligence is sharper than Amir Liaqat’s tongue.) ⁣ ⁣ I want to tell her that I love her for her optimism, her mischief, her insistence on her own joyous and difficult journey, and her remarkable evolutions along the way.⁣ ⁣ Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, those with us, and especially those in our hearts. #mothersday #memories #1990s #pakistan #mirasethi

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جب سے ہوش سنبھالا. لوگوں کو عشق کی بہت سی مثالیں دیتے ہوئے سنا عاشقوں کی ایک بہت لمبی فہرست یاد ہے مجھے جن کا ذکر کرتے کرتے یا تو لوگ روئے یا مسکراتے ہوئے یہ کہہ دیا کہ عشق ہو تو ایسا ہو. میں نے ہر واقعے ہر انسان کے ذکر پر غور کیا ان سب کو دل کی عزت مآب جگہ پر رکھ کر ذہن سے کہہ دیا کہ یہ سب خاص ہیں. زبان کو یہ تلقین کی کہ ان کا ذکر جب بھی کرنا ہے بڑی عقیدت کے ساتھ . بڑی دیر ہوگئی یہ سوچتے سوچتے تلاش کرتے کرتے کہ وہ کونسا عشق ہوگا جو اس عشق جتنا عظیم ہو جو ایک ماں اپنی اولاد سے کرتی ہے میں نے وقت ضائع کیا ذہن کو بلاوجہ خرچ کیا نتیجہ صرف ایک اور صاف ہے انسانوں میں اگر کسی کا عشق سب سے اوپر سب سے بے لوث اور سب سے پکا ہے تو وہ ماں کا اولاد سے ہے Happy mothers day To meri maa Roham ki maa Aur dunia ki har maa

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I miss saying “Ammi” out loud. It’s been many years – decades – since she left us, but the sense of having a mother, of someone whose wisdom, no matter how old you get, is the only wisdom you really seek, never goes away. To sit in your mother’s feet and to ask her opinion is really another way of asking her to bless you. To bless you with her love; to bless you with her protection. My Ammi used to make crispy parathas for me, light and translucent. No one has ever been able to make those parathas. She used to flip them over in the plate with a smile. When I think of her smile, a secret smile, I feel closer to her. Someone once told me I have my mother’s eyes. I think I do. Sometimes when I I laugh, I see her flash for a moment before my eyes. She is wearing a cotton sari and looking peacefully out into the world. This is how I like to remember her. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. ❤️

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My World ❤️ دنیا میں سب سے خالص محبت کا ایک ہی نام ہے وہ ہے “ماں”۔۔۔ ماں کے پیار کا حق ساری زندگی لُٹا کر بھی نہیں ادا ہو سکتا۔۔۔ جس کے قدموں میں جنت رکھ دی رب نے، اس ماں کا سراپا وجود کیا ہوگا۔۔۔ ماؤں کو سلام ✨ #maa #ammi #mom #mother Har lafz ka aik hi matlab Pyar ♥️ Allah Pak tamam maaon ko sehat aur khushyon ke sath salamat rakhey aur jinki maaen hayat nahin unki maghfirat fermaye Aameen HAPPY MOTHER’S Day to all the beautiful Moms 😍 #inspireothers #lifeisbeautiful #syedabushraiqbal #bushraiqbal #meriammi #mothersday #mothers #internationalmothersday #happymothersday

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Happy Mothers Day @asiyaazizz♥️

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Thank u GOD for creating mothers🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Happy Mother’s Day Ammi!

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Meri Zindagi hain ap Meri Maa M nothing without you

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