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Mubashar Lucman’s Blunt Statements About Morning Show Hosts

In his show “Khara Such” Mubashar Lucman decided to talk about something many of us discuss all the time. He talked about those hosts who are currently hosting different Morning Shows in Pakistan. He applauded Juggan Kazim, Shaista Lodhi and others for hosting the shows in a very impressive way but then he decided to talk about those hosts who he disliked the most. He started this khara such with saying that there are some Morning Shows he really dislikes. He was very blunt while sharing his opinion. He said,

“In my opinion Javeria Saud should not host the program she is hosting on Express Entertainment. She keeps on laughing all through the show, it would be nice of her if she can do some talking too.”

He begged Sahir Lodhi to spare everyone and he especially requested him to stop singing in his shows. He said that his singing was unbearable. Talking about Nadia Khan he said,

“Nadia Khan is a terrible flop. Nadia Khan has lost her magic, she gave morning shows their real meaning but her touch is totally missing from her show now. There are several reasons for it and one reason is that whether it is Nadia Khan or Reham Khan, they are one of those unfortunate people with whom no producer wants to work. The reason for that is that they are always fighting with their production teams.”

He said that Nadia Khan is not a team player. He also said,

“The worst anchor, content wise, is Nida Yasir. Someone will have to work very hard to do a program worse than her.”

Watch the video here:



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