“Mujhe Khuda pe Yaqeen hai”- A new drama serial!

After the success of “Parsa”, the jodi you appreciated the most is back again with a new drama serial, “Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen hai”. Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Khan would soon be seen on ARY’s next coming venture.

Been produced and directed by Barkat Siddiqui, written by Seema  Munaf and Attiya Dawood, the drama enjoys a rich cast,starring Ahsan khan, Aisha khan, Momal Sheikh and Mikaal Zulfiqar. The drama will soon go on air by the end of May as it was  assumed that its airing will be  somewhere after the general Elections 2013.

The drama has attracted a huge audience with its revealed photos that are appreciated in  the social media and people are actually waiting to watch Ayesha Khan finally after a long time.

Here  are a few clicks of the drama, Have a look!

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Keep your fingers cross for this upcoming serial which is expected to be  one of the best dramas been aired on ARY Digital in the year 2013!


Nida Zaidi


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  • Well barkat sidiki is known for his big budgeted heavy cast dramas. Lavishly decorated houses, big cars, branded clothes, beautiful locations , wealthy families have been trademark of his productions. his productions are glamorous and pure entertainment. His dramas can be called as fantasy dramas.To be fair productions like these are a must for a tv channel after all one cannot watch a drama full of stress for whole week. TV channels should have policy of onairing a mix bag of content for the week.

    Barkat is not new to TV, he is producing dramas even before current TV channels have started, his first famous drama was shot in malaysia and its OST was 'Aankhon Ke Saagar' by fuzon way back in 2001/2002.

    Another admirable think about Barkat, in ending notes of all of his dramas he does mention that all what he has achieved is due to her Mother efforts, which is a nice thing. We cant pay back for the efforts and role of our parents in our life, but an acknowledgement like this is always a nice thing and remind us to aknowledge our parents too.

  • i was missing ayesha khan a lot but now i an happy that she is back and i am waiting for this lovely couple

  • for your kind information Miss Nida…Drama mujhay khuda pai yakeen hai is going to be Air on HUMTV and promos are already went on air. thankyou

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