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Dil-e-Muztar Episode 12 – A Heart-wrenching Episode!

This week’s episode was one of the best so far in my view. It had all the elements to make us sit on the edge of our seats. There was one twist after the other which kept me hooked throughout. The main focus of the episode was Silah finally realizing Zoya’s true intentions and trying her best to get Zoya out of their lives.

The episode started off with Adeel’s birthday and Silah brought a cake for him like she does every year. It reminded me of the episode where she brings a gift and cake for Adeel on his birthday last year and both of them along with Adeel’s mother celebrated his birthday. Wonderful times, weren’t they? Well, this year when she reached home she found that Zoya had already brought a cake for Adeel and then Zoya came along all dressed up and Adeel and Zoya both cut the cake while she was sidelined and ignored. This was the last straw for Silah and she openly showed her anger and dislike towards Zoya after this.

dmm 2

Silah’s attitude towards Zoya completely changed after this as she had finally realized what Zoya had been up to all this time and she had been too dense to sense it. She clearly asked her why she did not tell her that she took the money from her for Adeel’s birthday gift. Zoya was surprised and shocked at her question and tried to explain unsuccessfully. Zoya did not leave this golden chance to fill Adeel’s ears against Silah and she told him that Silah was upset that she brought a gift for him and this was not the end of her rant of course! She instigated him against Silah and said that she is from a big family and she treats you like her sole possession and has no respect for you and how he should have married someone of his own status. You can always depend on Zoya to twist word! I was completely seething throughout this scene and what made me angrier was that Adeel believed every word that Zoya said.

Silah then took the decision to get a new maid for Affan but Adeel was not happy about her decision and refused to allow her to replace Zoya with a maid. Silah completely lost control of her anger when she complained about Affan’s health and Adeel said that she is just trying to find a reason to blame Zoya. She finally told him that Zoya had been taking money from her from the very first day and what shocked me the most was that Adeel did not believe her! She then tried to reveal Zoya’s true intention to Adeel and in return got slapped by Adeel!

What happens next? Well, as expected Silah was the one who went and apologized to Adeel for her behavior and she even apologized to Zoya! I could not believe it when she went to Zoya and apologized for being rude to her and Zoya was pretending to be extremely upset by her. How pathetic! But I was glad to see that Adeel’s behavior towards her improved after this and both seemed concerned about Affan’s health. Silah also decided to leave her job which was the root cause of all her problems in the first place.

Zoya did not seem happy about Silah’s decision to leave her job when she heard it from Adeel and told Adeel that he should have stopped her. Adeel did not have much to say about this as he was concerned about Affan’s health which had been deteriorating for a while now. He made the biggest mistake by leaving Affan in the care of Zoya’s mother who seemed least concerned about the sick child.

The best episode of the scene was when Silah called Zoya and her mother picked up the phone and she heard Affan crying in the background. Just then she saw Adeel with Zoya on the bike and realized that Zoya was not there to take care of Affan. This made her panic even more as she already had this gut feeling that something was not right when she had called Adeel and he had told her that he was out to get Affan’s reports. The scene where she gets out of her car and runs to her house was brilliantly directed and Sanam Jung was too brilliant for words in this scene. Her acting completely stole my heart!

dil muzter 1

I really hope nothing happens to Affan when she reaches home. They ended the episode on a cliff hanger and now I cannot wait for the next episode. The preview for the next episode seems interesting as Silah will finally leave her house and go back to her old house. One thing that I found highly amusing in this episode was the Indian music playing in the background. It ruined the charm of a very intense scene!

Do share your views on the episode!

Mariam Shafiq

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