My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)

I wrote an article a few months back about my favorite on-screen characters, chosen from the plays that were on air at that time. Many months have passed since that article was posted and now is the perfect time to share with all of you some of my favorite on-screen characters from the recent plays because there are a number of dramas on air at the moment with some very relatable and interesting characters. I think that a strong script is one which gives us characters that are nicely etched-out. There are some characters we love because we can relate to them, there are others which we like because they are inspiring or just plain cute and there are those which just leave you wondering but you still like them! Here is the list of characters which I am really enjoying watching nowadays. Please feel free to add to the list because I am not watching Aik Nayee Cinderella and I know from the viewers’ discussions on this forum that people find some of the characters in Aik Nayee Cinderella very cute.

My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)Bari Apa (Bari Apa):

Believe it or not this arrogant, selfish and rigid woman is on top of my list! Why? Well because I think we have not seen a character like Zubeida in a very long time. She is strong and selfish but I have to say that I find it difficult to totally dislike her. Although sometimes Zubeida’s double standards shock you to the core but there are times when one feels like there is a reason why Zubeida is the way she is. She was given the responsibility of looking after her siblings at a very young age and she could not marry the one man she loved because her mother wanted her to marry a rich man so that she could help the family financially. Does it sound like I am supporting this head strong woman? Well not really I do see very clearly that she is a hypocrite who “cheats” on her husband by emotionally relying more on her ex-fiancé than her own husband and tells the women around her that they need to respect their spouses when she has no respect for her own husband. There are so many interesting shades to Zubeida’s personality, I absolutely love her character and the play too and I am waiting to see what the new twist in the story has to offer. The character has been played brilliantly by Savera Nadeem and half of the beauty of this character lies in the way she has brought it to life on-screen.

My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)Riffat (Bari Apa):

Yes another character from Bari Apa. In fact I was quite confused as to who I should put second on the list Riffat or Firdous. But Riffat deserves this spot much more than Firdous does. Although Riffat is not playing the lead in the play but I fell in love with her character when she decided to walk out on her husband after he threatened her of divorce…finally a woman who can put her foot down and take a stand where it is needed! The way Riffat feels for Bari Apa when she finds out that her husband married another woman and does not derive pleasure from the news showed that she is a very nice person at heart. While Firdous rejoiced at the news that Zubeida was in deep waters, Riffat did not think like that for a second. Madiha Rizvi has done complete justice to her character and is spot-on as Riffat.

My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar hai):

Kashaf has won my heart only after two episodes; well to be honest I have liked Kashaf right from the first episode. We have seen many characters that are “somewhat” like Kashaf on-screen; girls who are poor and complain often but Kashaf is in no way like all these characters which we have seen previously. Kashaf has so much more to her personality that just the complaining bit. She is a practical and hardworking girl who loves her mother so much that all she dreams of is a day when her mother will not have to work so hard to make ends meet. Kashaf does not only dream of that day but is working hard to achieve that objective. Kashaf is not waiting for a prince charming to come rescue her but she relies only on her own strength. Sanam Saeed is doing a remarkable as Kashaf and I am really truly looking forward to seeing more of her. I am quite certain that she won’t let her fans down.

My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)Rafia ( Zindagi Gulzar Hai):

Rafia (Kashaf’s mother) is a woman who may have had a very tough life but she is still very positive. She is a brave woman who loves her husband and of course finds it very difficult and hurtful to be ignored by him but she still has the courage to go on with life because she knows only too well that she is the only hope that her daughters have. Kashaf may complain and think negative thoughts but she is brave, courageous and practical like her mother. Samina Peerzada never fails to impress us and although she has played so many such positive characters in the past too but she does not bore us for a second.


My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)

Qabacha (Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay):

Even those of you who are not entirely enjoying Tanhiyaan Nayee Silsilay must admit that even after so many years Behroze Sabzwari has managed to pull off this character with just as much ease as he did so many years back. Qabacha is cute, caring, and sensitive and puts a big smile on my face every time he comes on-screen. He was my most favorite character in the original Tanhaiyaan too and honestly speaking I was a little apprehensive to watch him on-screen all over again because it could ruin my childhood memories. But this new Qabacha is just cute and lovable as the old one. Behroze Sabzwari deserves special praise for a job well done.

My Favorite On-Screen Characters (Recent)Serena (Tanhiyaan naye Silsilay):

Out of all the new characters that have been added to this sequel Serena has to be my most favorite. She is fun, bubbly, cute, caring and simply adorable. The way Serena has “converted” herself (the chori daar pajamas, choorian etc) after coming to Pakistan is very sweet. Syra Yusef has turned into a wonderful actress and she was the perfect choice for playing this role.

Please share your thoughts about these characters and also, feel free to add to the list.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • interesting article fatima well done,so true ,on my list bari apa, chote appa and serena r on the top, nodoubt rafia is also a v beautifull character too…but fatima few more new faces who r doing good job in dramas now a days like meesha in ;ek naye cindrellaand the girl in drama;saat pardoo me,she is also nice,dont know her name

    • Baacha thank you so much for adding to the list. I am not watching ANC or SPM but i am sure people who are watching this show will agree with you:)

  • Meesha in ANC is too cute for words. She is not a subservient, docile person. She speaks back at her step family & takes revenge at every chance she gets.

    Maya in MBM is cute as well. Although her character is not that well shaped out, but she looks very pretty.

    • Absolutely agree with you Mona S Annie Jaffrey has done a brilliant job even though the script is weak and the direction leaves a lot to be desired for. But Annie Jaffrey is doing a great job of playing Maya, can't say the same for Zarmina though. The two don't look like sisters at all, Neelam Munir needs to work on her accent.

  • Wonderfully put-together Fatima! Have to agree with you like always:) These are the only 3 serials i'm watching currently. I feel the same about all these characters especially Bari Aapa; can't help but liking her! There is something about her personality that one can't ignore and yes beautifully played by Savera Nadeem!
    And I love all the old characters in TNS and of course Serena is the best in the new list!

    • Azk thank you so much. Hena shukar hai there is someone other than me and Farman who likes Zubeida's "jah o jalal" lol I simply LOVE her character and the twist in the last episode took me by surprise, it must be so tough to be Zubeida.

  • Yes Bari Apa has the contents and story to be on top for weeks. You did not add Farman (Noman Ijaz) to the list :), but he is doing a remarkable job and playing a soft husband.

    Initially I was also not much interested in watching ANC, but the introduction of Roman character has surely gave it a new spin to the story. So you should try watching it and it also portrays the beauty of northern areas just like it was shown in Dure-Shehwar, thanks again to Haisam Hasan

    • imiMac absolutely right Noman Ijaz is doing a great job of playing the docile husband and I absolutely love Ghazanfar and Firdous too:) yes I did watch the latest episode where the old aunty proposes to the poor guy lol

  • Very nice fatima…sukar hai ap ka b koi article aya ;)… really i was thinking somedays back that zubaida is a character which we can not call completely positive or completely negative…bt our mostly dramas are based on extreme behavior..positive hai tou bht hi positive like angle r agr negative hai tou just like evil.she z different in her character i must say. Farman's character z.also gud.wat say?
    Yes you were right i love meesha and roman from ANC ;)
    otherwise ur list is perfect :)

    • Lol Xadee, acha hai na you people are getting good variety now;) I absolutely agree with you the beauty of Zuebida's character lies in the fact that she is not blacker than black. I think that is the great thing about the characters in this play that they are like real people, who have flaws and can do things wrong. This is exactly what i LOVE about samira Fazal's character. She said about the characters herself that they are all normal people stuck in a bad situation. haan g farman is one of his kind for sure, I used to call him Farmabardar but now since he has gotten married I call him meesna lol:) Firdous is also very interesting too.
      i wish I had time to follow ANC but Saturday nights are so busy with TNS and BA.

      • Farmabardar and meesna…u make me laugh fatima :D
        infact,all the characters of bari aapa r very interesting zubaida,firdoos,gharnfar,farman,rifat her husband n yes samira fazal is unquie in her style.
        I knw u r busy on saturday…moreover, saturday slot is for best one..kabi agr time mily tou dekhiyae ga ANC different hai typical stories sy. :)

        • I totally agree with you, half of the beauty of the drama lies in the characters. there was a time when Ghazanfar topped my list of most favorite characters because his character was so upright but when he sarted calling Zubeida zuby and brought her gajras i changed my mind:) but yes love all the characters and they give you so much to talk about. I think only the actor playing Adeel and the girl playing Sharmeen are the weakest link, otherwise BA is picture perfect. I don't think we will be seeing more of Adeel now so that is good and Sharmeen (Sarh Khan) performed well in the last episode.
          I watched the last episode of ANC & might just take time out for it because I do feel like I am missing out on a lot.

          • U r right, sharmeen iz the weekest one.ghazanfer looked decent at start na…i got it what u mean.
            am glad u are being attracted towards ANC… :) i think its worth watching thanks to haisam hussain…u know i have to watch all 3 dramas of saturday night..hard to manage.hehe ;)

  • I think the character named 'zooni' in Aks is doing very well and Mohib Mirza's character is also coming out of the cocoon (in Aks as well)

  • OMG , Fatima !! i thought i made this list , LOL , but except Qabacha character . Dont you think they showed him little over the board , but obviousely my choice , otherwise all characters are just awesome. My fav are:
    1: KASHAF ( she is so into character, when i was reading novel , i imagined the exact same girl even face and attitude, )
    2: Bari Apa
    3: Rafia
    4:Baba Jaani ( Saat pardon main) he is so calming,loving character.I did not like Drama but only him.

    • Thank you for sharing how you feel about the list. I know some people do think he should not be acting like this after so many years but kiya karu i really like him still:) I have not read the novel Zindagi Gulzar hai but if Kashaf really is very close to the character in the novel than it is a huge achievment. Baba Jaani sounds like one of those naani characters that Samina Peerzada plays.

      • hmm You can say by considering his polite manners of talking but he doesnt teaches much like nani, he is made of love , they way he talks to his daughter and shows love , i really like , may b im living abroad so missing my father and finds my father in that character :)

  • Hey how can forget Meesha from Cinderella? She is one of the strongest, cutest, author backed roles I hav seen in a while. The girl is new but she s playing Meesha really well. She is bubbly & vivacious as well.i also enjoyed Saba Perveez s role in Manjali although it has ended but her dialogues were amazing.

    • Yes Abida I know you are a big ANC fan:) I have seen many comments from you under the ANC thread. Thank you for adding to the list.

  • u should add zoya(ayeza khan) from kahi un kahi, she is too a very good n positive character, which inspite of all dificulties n bad treatment of others with her, trying to lead her life in a good direction.

    • Ayeza Khan is a very good actress and it is good to know that she is playing a character different from what she usually does. Thank you for adding to the list Uneza:)

  • I don't like ur list atall. Except fr Riffat (BA) & Rafia(zgh). All characters of T2 r like cartoons, over the top. BA, every time she opens her mouth I want to slap her and Kashaf in zgh is v pessimistic.
    I like ch that r positive & give a good healthy vibe. Eg Zaroon in zgh, Romaan in anc & roohafza in qskb

  • Hey Fatima, your list is incomplete without Ghazzanfar from Bari Aapa. What brilliant screen presence and characterization he portrays. Then I am enjoying Zaroon as his questions are very justified, when it comes to women, family, etc.

    • lol howzzat Zaroon seemed like quite a chauvinist to me. I absolutely loved Ghazanfar's character until he started flirting with "Zuby";) But yes I have to say that Waqas Khan is an absolute delight to watch. definitely looking forward to seeing more of him.

  • Great review….aiza khan in kahi un kahi is doing great too.
    Thanks for adding your name at the end of the title….saves my time cuz I love to read to your reviews.

  • What do you think about the selfless and vivacious character Gulabi played to perfection by Sabreen Hisbani in Saat Pardon Mein???

    • Sabreen Hisbani is a brilliant actress. I started watching SPM but could not continue watching it. please shed some light on her character:)

  • Nice details Fatima. :) I really am unable to understand that Zubaida should be liked or disliked. I mean at some points I find her really nice & feel that she does what needs to be done but the way at times she lies to her own family & plots against her sister makes me dislike her either. But I am happy with her character because she has portrayed the exact real life nature of any female because people react differently in different situations & this is exactly what Zubaida does too. In last weeks' episode I disliked how she fabricated a lie in front of her immediate family, at least she should lean on them at times too. But over all her character is really nice. :)

    • Zahra I absolutely loved the twist in the last episode. Leaning on anyone besides Ghazanfar would be totally out of character for Zubeida lol

      • Haan I liked the last episode a lot too. I personally like Firdous a lot & now especially when she vents out her fury on Ghazanfar, it was INTENSE!

        • & I read your reply on someone's comment that you now call Farman "meesna" hahahaha! It left me in a laughter fit because this is the exact word I use for him too. HAHAHAH!

          • I am sure a lot of people feel that way lol and absolutely loved the bhaiya g se sayan g dialogue in one of the previous episodes. Yes I have never liked Arjumand Rahim more in any other role. Waqas Khan is doing great as Ghazanfar too.

          • agreeeeee bilkul, i still smile on this dialouge when i remember it..n then her style of saying it lol..n yes true about Arjumand Raheem..after watching her in this play I often think k has she improved alot or the director is so good or what.. waisay bhi the character she is portraying is so very well written and I have seen a few such ladies in real life:)

        • hi zahra and all….

          sorry i have a question..can u introduce some of your best dramas..i like to watch them..i heard about humsafar and its popularity….where can i find these dramas with eng sub?

          thx ..good luck


          • Leila the problem is that it is difficult to find Pakistani plays with english subtitles. Where are you from? Don't you understand Urdu?

          • Fatima that is really a problem…
            We knw our dramas are very good…Bt unfortunately not famous among whose who can not understand urdu…As compared to ours, indian soaps are more popular in world becoz websites provide written episodes in english..that is y i request everyone here who review an episode to summarize that episode becoz its difficult to write 40-45 minutes episode in detail as compared to 15-20 minutes episode.wat say?

          • Oh Thank you Xadee & Fatima for letting Leila know what she was asking for. Indeed it's sad that Pakistani dramas do not get subbed. If they do I am sure the whole world would be hooked to our dramas. & Fatima as far as I can deduce from her name Leila I think she's an Arab?!?

          • i watched just some clip..but i like to watch it..and in advance i thank u ..if u iterpret for me..^^i thought that all episode of hamsafar have eng sub..i searched it in youtube..what a pity…

          • Alpha bravo charlie – a classic
            Mere Pass Pass – Will keep you hooked it had a sequel too
            Mera Naseeb

          • Leila try
            Dhoop kinare(edge of sunshine) with english subtitle by pakdramasSub its total parts are 39…its a classic…do watch it :)

          • Zahra you are right unfortunetaly :( kn nai chahta k un k dramas r movies pory world me appreciate na kiyae jayae? Work should be done on that also.

          • thx fatima and xadee…i'm from iran..i can realize some of words in ordu because of simillar wordes in urdu and farsi ..but it's not enough to understand all the beauty of a movie or drama such as good acting and script and so on..
            i like to watch all the best movies and dramas of the world and now i'm in pakistan..i hope watch good dramas that remain in my mind forever..i think if u want to introduce your dramas to the world u have to Subtitle them..^^ again thx..

          • Leila some of the Hamsafar episodes have English subtitles, I will find a link for you and leave it here ok:) just keep checking.

          • Leila nice to see u here…i love iran especially am a big fan of your president :)
            As fatima also said, we will help u in every possible way…keep visiting :)

          • Xadee you are absolutely right but you know many people who come here have already watched a particular episode so if we summarize the story don't you think the review will get too long and those people who have already watched the episode may be bored? Plz give me your feedback, I am asking not telling you how it should be:)I know there are so many people who love to watch our dramas but do not understand Urdu very well.I have an Indian friend who loves Pakistani dramas but there are many words she does not understand. She usually comes to drama forums to ask questions and everyone is more than willing to answer. We would love to do that for Leila if she wants:)

          • You are Absolutely right…i can understand and i agree :)
            The way to introduce our drama to the world is SUBTITLES…bt instead here foreign content is being dubbed…and no such work is done so that people like leila can enjoy our dramas…
            I am on a mission to support pakistani drama…what else can i do?Yh stable hn tou is taraf kisi ka dehan jayae kabi indian invasion r ab new turkish and spanish invasion…pity :(
            fatima what are ur view about the prevailing situation tomarrow is protest by pakistani actors infornt of karachi press club?

          • Hi Xadee sorry for the late reply , I have been so terribly busy! Oh well do my views matter lol So many people saying so many things. I think our artists should let people have the final say and let them decide whether they want these shows to go on air or not. Lets not talk about culture and identity because we all know it is not about culture and identity but about everyone safeguarding their own interests:)

          • No,no problem at all :)
            yes, your views are very important aleast for me.
            You are right,that it is all interest game.
            But what you say as a viewer do you want such dubbed stuff?
            Aik bar just ab ko dekha tha aik thread me…ap,nida r zahra ko hi dekh kr me b kodi thi debate me…us k bad ap asi gaib hoi k bas liyae want to know what you feel? :)

          • Xadee I did not watch ishq e mamnoo at all, although there were soooo many people around me who insisted that I was missing out on something special. I tried watching it once but personally kuch apna apna nahi laga:) Xadee if people like these shows & want to watch them & our channels are buying them at a much cheaper price then why not? I don't think I will following them because I am really into few of the plays that are on air nowadays and my plate is full but people who are eagerly waiting for them to go on air should not be deprived. If people don't like them, they will stop watching them & channels will stop airing them. Local artists must be dubbing these shows so they will be paid for it & the channels will earn from them too. I think our producers etc should give people some credit & let the awam decide. But I do understand that they are fully justified in feeling threatened. All I can say to our Production houses is that they are doing an outstanding job & Pakistani dramas are the best in the world so just relax and let people decide:))

          • Xadee so sorry I deleted your TNS Comment by mistake… So sorry:( forgive me plz. Lol you are right but yeh wo wali fikar nahi hai jo dramas mei usually hoti hai. It is fikar with fun;) i am sure you know what I mean. Plz leave a comment there again if you can… So sorry.

          • Hahaha…koi bat nai
            i was thinking k abi comment kiya tha kahan gaib ho gaya? ;)
            no problem,ho jata need of sorry :)
            wah bht power di hoi han ap ko dOL r reviewit ny hehe.
            Btw can i ask u how an i become a member here. I guess have to make an don't know how :(
            can u help me?

          • power nahi responsibility;) Alhamdulillah. Xadee make an intense debate account and you can edit comments and make your profile:)

          • Leila… Unfortunately we don't have dramas with subtitle :(
            if you want to read the plot of humsafar u can go to wikipedia for it. There is description of each episode in detail.

            i knw that it will not compensate with the beauty of play but i hope it will help u :)

  • well done fatima n very well written but what about the play na kaho tum mere nahin i would like u to write something about saba too n her cunning sister inlaw n her bonga husband

    • Thank you wonderwoman:) lol I am not watching NKTMN but I liked the way you explained the characters…feel free to went out;) It is good to know that I am not the only one who takes her dramas so seriosly.

      • yes its true about both Saba in NKTMN ,they r acting brilliant ,but Fatima,I think here all r talking about good acting skills showed by a certain character while ur article was about the characters which we like for certain qualities,n list was already complete,I cudnt add in it:) I think most of the people who commented here didnt get ur point.

  • Ghazanfar name of character is too good. can anyone tell me the name of that person plz. HE is AWSUM. but his wife is CLUMPSY. Savera Nadeem is gorgeous in BARI AAPA. the character of Riffat is also too good. she is acting very well. Keep it up GUYS.

  • From previous dramas, I would like to add Maliha from Daam in the list. I know we all hated her but yet like bari aapa she was the character which was most relatable to all, very close to real life. In the end said "Tum mere liye farishta thi", and that was exactly the point writer was trying to convey that nobody is FARISHTA in the world. If Maliha helped Zara in hard times it was not because she consider Zara her best friend or anything, it was due to the pride that she can do something for someone, she never consider zara reaching her status, more than anything it was the fear of seeing Zara coming at her lever of status that made her do what she has done. And frankly speaking I never hate her for that reason because that was exactly the thing which any egoist person would do in that situation and again nobody is FARISHTA. So more than anyone else I like the character of Maliha (though I would not appreciate this kind of an act of anyone in real life)

    • that drama was awesome, and scary because it makes you analyze similar people in your life…..and makes you wonder!

  • these are all my favourite characters too, but I also like the man who plays " fairy man" in cinderella, and usmaan pirzaada"s wife in kahi unkahi, who loves their driver's daughter just as her own.

  • you know fatima awan i just really looooooooooooove syra yousuf and she is one of my favoirite acteress i keenly wait for the drama of hers TNS and i am really glad that u have mentioned syra yousuf in ur fav on screen characterers<3<3<3

    • Aww that is so shcweet (if you are watching TNS you will know what I mean)! i really like Syra too, she is so cute and equally talented. You should read my reviews of TNS and you will know just how much I like her too:)

  • Totally agree with Serena and Qabacha! I also love Raju Rocket's character…Danish Taimoor plays it so sweetly ;-))))))))

  • hmmm I'd like to read the article but my fav actors are Savera Nadeem n Samina Pirzada..They are just awesome..!! (Y) :)

  • >