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Kahi Unkahi Episode 6: Stagnant As For Now

Today’s episode didn’t make much progress & was somewhat on the similar pace like that of the last episode that was aired. I am actually thinking its getting a bit late for the entry of the hero but as seen in the preview of the next episode, I believe Sherry is finally arriving that too with a very dramatic entry. Can’t wait for the drama to move forward because Sherry is the main lead of the drama.

Like I discussed in the last review that Anam’s ego actually got hurt by the refusal of Shahzeb but it wasn’t clearly shown. In this episode we saw it how strongly Anam put her feelings in front of her mother saying she can’t tolerate any guy refusing her because no one can do so & he won’t be finding anyone as pretty & as perfect as her. I wonder how do girls these days get so much over-confidence from? Anam is just like any other ordinary girl with a sound background & ethics of a poodle. It can be easily seen that it’s her mother who has made her so conceited & arrogant but all these traits do not help you last longer.

Finally, Anam gets to see who Shahzeb chose over her & she couldn’t resist her jealousy. I actually found myself tearing up with the way Zoya gets treated at her friend’s place. I thought may be they will accept her whole-heartedly but again her father’s profession became a wall & she was mistreated. Ayza Khan, in that particular scene acted brilliantly where she felt ashamed & dis-hearted at the same time. Shahzeb did try to convince his mother but I felt he could’ve done better. His reference of Mr. Kamal was spot on but his mothers reaction & reply was saddening. She can focus on the present of Mr. Kamal but can not think about the future of Zoya, who after getting married to her son would become one of them too. It was irrational on Shahzeb’s mother part because Zoya is a bright & decent young girl who is perfect for her son.

Anam on the other hand felt victorious because of Zoya’s humiliation, she cheered in front of her mother & they both plan to tell about this matter to Mr. Kamal, which I feel is unnecessary I guess it would be a treat to watch the reaction of Mr. Kamal because he himself is oblivious oo the fact that his own son Ansar likes Zoya a lot.

The scene that made me smile today was when Zoya posed in front of the mirror with a Bridal dupatta. I guess almost all the young girls in their teens must’ve done this either with the dupattas of their elder sisters or bhabhi’s. It was rather cute but in that scene we saw Ansar’s true intentions came out & he indirectly proposed to Zoya. Bashir Ahmed being a simple hearted person encourages Zoya about the behaviour of Ansar saying she should not misunderstand him because he means well for Zoya, whereas Bashir Ahmed is unaware of Ansar’s feelings.

The last scene of the episode was touchy. Bashir Ahmed in spite of doing such hard work felt failure because of the outburst of his daughter. Zoya, who always took this humiliation light heartedly just couldn’t bear it any more & lost her cool. She & her father, both are not at fault but I really hate to see them suffering so badly. It makes us wonder how many of such people would be moving with us within our society who’d be feeling the same. But the positive part at the ending was Zoya’s self-uttered promise to herself & her father that she will not let him down & will will make every other person change their attitude towards them, I guess this is exactly what should have been done in the face of such situation because obstacles make one grow.

I feel this drama has raised this issue perfectly & has made viewers think about such people with a different perspective because no matter what intentionally or unintentionally most of the people do look down at such fellow beings & judge others on the basis of materialism which is nothing but a fictional façade.

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Zahra Mirza.