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My Take on Inaam Ghar!

So, another one of GEO’s attempt of grabbing the attention & TRP’s is Inaam Ghar. This one takes after & more like is a remake of Tariq Aziz’s famous PTV program Neelam Ghar. Neelam Ghar has entertained us a lot just because a learned man like Tariq Aziz hosted it. Back in those days when we had no other channels, Neelam Ghar was the only quiz/game show which had a huge fan following because no doubt the ideas Tariq Aziz instilled in his program were for sure very unique.

So, the modern day Neelam Ghar is Inaam Ghar which is not a bad attempt but isn’t a good one either. Despite the huge studio & modern-day setup, the show lacks the charm. The main face of the show is none other than Dr. Amir Liaqat, who was introduced to the media industry by the GEO Channel itself. As a man who was affiliated with the religious institution of the country, he has remained a controversial celebrity for more than a decade now. I think the thought of reinventing a quiz/game show wasn’t that much of a bad idea but to see Dr. Amir Liaqat host it isn’t appeasing at all.

I must say 10 – 15 minutes of watching the show was enough for me to understand his tangent. The show has a segment named ‘tukka lagao’ where he is constantly repeating the tagline which he used in Ramzan transmission last year & even after getting criticised for it, once again he blurted ‘Musalmanon, tukka lagao’. Jumping from one place to the other, mimicking the girls who replied to him in English, being extra-friendly with the ladies, taunting paunchy old men for their huge waistlines, jumping with younger boys to compete, this is what Inaam Ghar is all about because our very own, very learned, very talented, very genuine & very humble Dr. Amir Liaqat is hosting it.

No doubt he is just a host, who is doing what is asked of or more like what he is capable of but I think viewers must remember that when his behind-the-scenes video got leaked, he was hosting a Ramzan Show for ARY Digital & very conveniently he blamed GEO Channel for fabricating it against him. If he was a man of substance, he would’ve never ever gotten affiliated with the channel once again, but the very next year we saw him back on GEO, working for them ardently. This is enough of an excuse for us all to understand how commercial he is. I think people need to wake up & understand the antics pulled off by him.

I think it’s a high time for us to understand how conveniently he switches his modes just because he wants to be in the limelight. The best way is to boycott such personalities because they do not teach us anything which they think they do & claim to. I think he loves to be controversial & also I have never ever seen him apologize for the wrong he has done & how he has hurt the sentiments of his fans, instead he got away with all his unjustified deeds by blaming others for it. Taher Shah’s bit is another open example of what Dr. Amir Liaqat is capable of & what sort of sense of humour he endorses.

I think to make this show a hit GEO should’ve opted for another host, who wasn’t as controversial or had a decent sense of humour. It isn’t necessary that one has to stoop to a certain level where hosting a show is required. A decent, witty & humble person can always be a better host. Just because Dr. Amir Liaqat is hosting it & without rectifying his mistakes, this show has become a comedy show completely. I think a person like him should learn from his mistakes & must understand what is expected of him because no matter what he likes to be known as a man who has profound knowledge of our Deen so for that he must act responsibly & reasonably. I didn’t find anything positive about Inaam Ghar except the fact that the people were getting sponsored giveaways & I got a chance to laugh my head off because he reminded me of that particular amazing parody of his, released by the 3 idiots Production in July last year.

Decide for yourself & share your thoughts if you have seen Inaam Ghar kyunki Firdous ki lawn appki huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! :D

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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