Nadia Hussain’s Healthy Diet Plan

Nadia Hussain has revealed her diet plan in Good morning Pakistan when Nida curiously asked her about her unbelievable fitness she replied to that and said , “I eat normal food in morning I must eat fruits especially grapefruit and I take milk with banana, after that I do exercise basically my day starts with one or two bananas along with a glass of milk then I go for walk or exercise after that I eat grapefruit at 11 am and when I feel hunger pangs during lunchtime I take nuts mostly almonds and walnuts. Then I take a normal dinner but when I have to lose weight I reduce the amount of flatbread (roti) and then I add salad to it because you need the full amount of fiber to fulfill your stomach and I don’t eat rice also I don’t take sugar. Do eat a lot of vegetables because it will hydrate you as well, I do eat biryani too often because I cover it through exercise later on. I actually do a lot of work out”.

Nida says that Nadia does exercise excessively as I have heard this about her a lot.

Nadia also said that ,”You have to do the gym along with a healthy diet and don’t starve yourself rather take a healthy diet. Once or twice a week, I take sweets as cheat otherwise I don’t intake sweets and deserts”.


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