Nadia Khan Applauds Mawra Hocane For Avoiding Vulgar Scenes In Her Film

Mawra Hocane was invited as a guest on the Nadia Khan Show where she got a very warm welcome. Nadia Khan is usually seen criticizing many things in her show from the topics in Pakistani dramas to the kind of things Pakistani actors do in Indian films but this time Nadia Khan’s reaction was very unexpected. She applauded Mawra for doing a film which had no vulgarity at all. Mawra also said,

“I feel whenever you do something unconventional, something different which others are not doing, the first reaction is that of resistance. I was very quiet and not responding to all the criticism from people because I knew once the trailer comes out people who were criticizing me will be very disappointed.”



Nadia Khan asked her whether she asked the producers to make sure there was no vulgarity in the film or was it that she accepted the script because there was no vulgarity in it. Nadia Khan asked,

“In the whole film there was no objectionable scene, was that your demand or was the script like that?”



To this Mawra Khan responded,

“Fortunately the script that I was offered was already like that, I didn’t change anything about it.”

Watch the video clip here: