Nadia Khan Exposes Pakistani Stars Who Are Famous In India

There are some Pakistani celebrities who have lately become very famous in India. While some of these celebrities are still seen in Pakistani talk shows even after their work in India became famous but some of them have completely disappeared from Pakistani talk shows. People want to see them in Morning Shows because in these shows they also get an opportunity to talk to their favorite celebrity but it never happens.

Nadia Khan explained explicitly why these celebrities were not being seen on Morning Shows. Nadia said on her show,

“Our celebrities who should come to Morning Shows because people want to see them here and they are considered the cream of the industry have lost their minds after going to India so coming to Pakistani shows is degrading for them.”

Nadia Khan did not take any names but it is quite obvious who these celebrities can be. Mawra Hocane recently came to Nadia Khan’s show so she is certainly not talking about her. Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and even Atif Aslam could be stars who she is talking about. She even gave clues which would make it easier for people to guess who these stars could be. She said,

“These celebrities are even earning in Pakistan through working in commercials and doing such small projects which help them make good money. The kind of amount these stars quote to come to the Morning Shows is not affordable for any show in Pakistan so in other words they are refusing to come to these shows.”

Nadia Khan also said that these celebrities should know that Pakistanis made them who they are today. She said that the career in India has no guarantees but the love of the people of Pakistan is guaranteed.

Watch the video clip here: