Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, finally after a very long time, probably after a decade this episode of Mana Ka Gharana was good & happening because they moved the story forward & a lot was revealed.

First off, Maalik got to meet Zarri & told him that he ain’t letting her go anywhere, which was one of the scenes that I enjoyed watching the most. Zarri really needed that assurance because she should know that a person whom she’ll have to take a stand for was willing to walk an extra mile for her & Maalik exactly did that. He traveled all the way to Hyderabad to let her know that he will now take charge of the situation & won’t let anyone come in their way. Maalik is ready & now Zarri needs to convince herself that she is not the home-wrecker here & she is not the second woman either, she is someone who came into Maalik’s life when he was all alone, so they both deserve to be happy with each other.

Finally, Mana got to know the truth behind the pictures of Samar & Shehryaar that she stumbled upon. She not only found out that Samar was Shehryaar’s wife but she also got to know how Shehryaar ripped her family off & got the farm house that they were staying at. Looks like it’s one of Shehryaar’s hobbies to grab the properties of girls who enter his life. It was a huge shocker for her which is why she was emotionally shattered but oh dear, it will take a lot for her to convince her mother who is so in love with Shehryaar that she is not ready to listen to anything that Mana has to say.

I really thought that when Ghaalib will regain consciousness, he will make the right decision but looks like he woke up from the wrong side & his brain cells got damaged that even after all that Shehryaar did to him & his family, he was ready to give everything to him just because Mana’s happiness means a lot to him. Like seriously, who in his right state of mind will get his daughter married to such a guy who wasn’t even ashamed of mooching off of them? Also, how does giving away his home to Shehryaar guarantees that Mana will lead a happy life with him?

I swear, I really don’t know what will I do if I will hear Saleha talk rather spewing venom one. more. time. Like this lady is so full of filth & toxins that the moment she speaks, she intoxicates her surroundings. Saleha didn’t let Mana say what she wanted to because she was worried that it might take a toll on Ghaalib’s health, but the moment he woke up, she herself didn’t bat an eye while badmouthing Khizer like it was his fault that Ghaalib was in the hospital. Also, she didn’t even tell her husband that Khizer was the one who took him to the hospital & rather covered for Shehryaar, who was nowhere to be seen, like there’s a limit to being a blind minion but Saleha has crossed it. I really hope that after Ghaalib learns the truth about Shehryaar, he gives his wife such a reality check that she never opens her mouth again!!!!

Oh well, it was good to see Rota Ghaalib & Hansta Jahangir’s reunion. Looks like now Ghaalib will get a proper information about what transpired between his daughter Samar & his son in law Shehryaar that Samar passed away. I liked this twist & didn’t see it coming. All this while I thought may be Laila will be the one bursting the bubble but looks like her father will do the honors, but never mind, whoever does it, it needs to be done ASAP.

I don’t really get Mana’s attitude though, she goes around giving a tough time to people around her, like she is the one who has wrecked her whole family apart & she is the one because of whom everyone is suffering but still she hasn’t changed or humbled herself. The way she spoke to Laila was quite rude & why does she think that Khizer should have clung on to her even when she was almost gone from his life for good? Mana needs to understand that she is not always going to be the center of everyone’s universe, so she should take it easy on others!

Anyways, I am hoping that the next episode will be the last one but looks like they will take at least 2 – 3 episodes to wrap it up but as far as they are working towards the ending & not dragging things further, it’s cool. I must say the lighting & the makeup in this entire episode was really really bad & they all looked older all of a sudden, which shows that a good lighting makes such a huge difference. Also, I can’t really understand what was going on with Gul Bahar’s styling in this episode? Why was she dressed like a bag piper? May be Shehryaar hired her to play the bagpipes in his high-profile party that never really took place. Also, I wish while mooching off Samar’s property from her, Shehryaar had also snatched one of her combs because he’s always in a dire need of a proper comb to keep his untamed hair in place, which are always shooting out like tree branches from his head. Anyways, I am glad that the drama is going to end soon, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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