Nadia Khan is Back on Ptv Home with Morning Show

So finally the biggest news is here which we talked about earlier in our news that Nadia khan has revealed that she is making her come back in morning shows soon and here is the official teaser of where she is coming and what would she be doing.

Yes she is coming on Ptv Home as the Promo of her show is just out.
Well we are so happy that she is back and back on National TV.
We wish her very best of luck for her shows ahead .

Screenshot 20190918 072016

Well she revealed about her show in Waseem Badami’s 11th hour that soon something interesting is coming so here it has just been revealed as the teaser of her new show is just posted on Ptv home’s Facebook page she is back after many years that too with ptv home which can be exciting for any host as it is the state television to be working in Ptv is a big opportunity.

Screenshot 20190918 071943



Morning @ Home….. Coming Soon

Публикувахте от PTV Home Official в Неделя, 15 септември 2019 г.

  • Well hope this time she does not offer viewers phony prizes. Do not give false hope! Just do a show, it will provide jobs for others. Above all do not spread negativity about other pak artists,learn to up lift people. Look at all the pak show bizz people attacked Qadeel baloch,when all she was trying to do is to help her family !

  • Don’t want to see her. Such a fake actor. She is always too much over acting which doesn’t feel real even. Choose a better anchor. Morning show is a reality show not an over acting platform

  • Hiii
    Nadia ur show is too gd. We are all happy to see u again. I have a suggestion for u. Please give more time of speaking your guest. Un ko ziada baat krne ka apna point of view dena ka chance dia krain. Allah give u more success

  • تین تین دفعہ کی طلاق یافتہ عورتیں پچاس پچاس ہزار کا لباس پہن کر روز صبح ٹی وی پرکامیاب خواتین کو گھرداری اورکفائت شعاری سکھاتی ہیں

  • Hello nadia khan your show is awesome..and very interesting and new topic you discuss on show…keep it up..jiyo mazey sy…

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