Shoaib Akhtar Visits Muhammad Waseem on Winning

Shoaib Akhtar has visited to the Boxer Muhammad Waseem. He has appreciated his game and said that here is a champion sitting with me and he punches so strongly so he has a lot of titles to win in future.
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Muhammad Waseem was disheartened when after winning he reached to the airport and there was no one to receive him. He took a cab and get back to home and after that he tweeted that I don’t win for Istaqbals but for my country to be well received abroad. This actually shook all the sportsmen and they all came in strong support of our champion who knocked out the opponent in 54 seconds which was itself a great achievement.
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We love how Waseem Akram , Shoib Malik, Imran Ashraf, Jahangir Khan and now shoaib Akhtar backing, loving and supporting our real hero.
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May he wins a lot of titles for Pakistan. We all love Muhammad waseem.
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Here is the video of Shoaib Akhtar