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Nadia Khan Wants Her Guests To Criticize Reham Khan

Nadia Khan has been inviting guests to her show lately who are in some way associated to Imran Khan. She invited Sheikh Rasheed and Waseem Akram to her show and besides talking about other things she also talked about Imran Khan’s decision to get married and his divorce. She also said that she did not like the way Reham Khan was talking about her divorce on the media even though Imran Khan had said that he does not want to talk about the matter because it was something private. Nadia Khan wanted Sheikh Rasheed to say something against Reham Khan but he refused to say anything because he did not want to be part of any controversies. Nadia Khan also said that she will never invite Reham Khan to her show because she respected Imran Khan.

Nadia Khan also asked Waseem Akram what he thought about the divorce and how he felt about Reham talking about it on every forum. Imran Khan has made it very clear that he does not want people to talk against his ex-wife and people who know him are not willing to talk against her either but Nadia Khan is instigating people to say something against Reham Khan. Waseem Akram praised Imran Khan, showed his respect for him but he did not say anything against Reham Khan although Nadia Khan tried her best to make him say something.



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