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Fariha Pervaiz And Nouman Javed Get Married

Fariha Pervaiz has a beautiful voice and she has a lot of hit songs to her credit. Nouman Javed is also a singer and actor who is very well known not only in Pakistan but also in India. He has a different style which makes people stand up and take notice. Both of them have also sung a song together. They are also known to be seen with each other very often.


Express News reported that these two singers decided to tie the know last week in a very private ceremony. The newspaper reported that the couple had done the nikkah but they did not want to disclose the news yet. They wanted to make plans for the future before they hold a proper ceremony in which they invite everyone.


In this day and age it is very difficult to hide anything from the media because someone leaks the information and then it gets spread everywhere. We hope that the couple will make a formal announcement soon so that everyone can congratulate them openly.


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