Naila Jaffri Refuses To Accept Aid From The government, Here’s Why!

Pakistani veteran actor Naila Jaffery has been suffering from cancer and is bravely fighting it out. She had earlier applied to get help from the government but will no longer accept it.

According to The Express Tribune, a cheque of rupees 500,000 is in the process of being issued to her but she will no longer accept it in order to protest, since the government has allowed an Indian tycoon Sajjan Jindal in Pakistan with a no-police-inquiry visa.

“I cannot accept a dime from the government that entertains people from the very country that has been plotting against us our interests and our people,” she told The Express Tribune.

“I am glad that the government decided to offer me help but I really can’t accept this fund under present circumstances. The love, respect and prayers I have received from my people when they came to know of my illness is unimaginable and I won’t do anything that hurts their feelings.”

Rimsha Butt