Naimal And Hamza Spotted At Cafe

Hamza and Naimal have become talk of the town since they have tied the knot. Hamza Ali Abbasi has a huge fan following after Piyare Afzal and after that he never looked back no matter he is doing multiple projects or he is off the screen ,his fans remain unscathed.

Whenever they share a photo of them together they grab massive attention of the fans. Fans look forward to their pictures and videos.

Recently they have posted their photo which is really beautiful. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan are spotted having a coffee at local cafe. Hamza has also posted a story of Naimal on his Instagram page.

Here are both of the pictures.

IMG 20190922 154541 1

Screenshot 20190922 154520

Naimal4 1


Naimal2 1

Naimal1 1