People Are Calling Out Naimal Khawar For Platonic Friendship

Naimal Khawar’s new picture is receiving criticism.

Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his marriage with Naimal Khawar. He wrote a statement about how two met each other. He mentioned that he was just a platonic friend of Naimal and they were not in any relationship before marriage.


People called his statement absurd and mocked his platonic friendship. Hamza didn’t stop here and again issued a statement explaining platonic relation.

Platonic relation means ‘Love or affection in a bond without any sexual element in it’, says Hamza Ali Abbasi.

This doesn’t end here, and we have more for you. Naimal has shared her picture with husband Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Her caption reads, “Back when things were so “platonic”😛 Little did I know I was standing next to my future husband and the Love of my life♥️”

This picture is from 2017 when Naimal Khawar was studying visual arts. Hamza Ali Abbasi went there to meet his so-called ‘platonic friend’.

Another old picture from her profile which shows it was 4:25 am.

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These pictures landed Naimal in criticism from people. People are judging that they were in a relationship from many years and both of them hid from the people.

Here are some comments under her picture.


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People are mocking Naimal and Hamza for having a platonic friendship. Seems like mocking of platonic relation will never end.

What are your comments for this?


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  • What a picture, what a couple. Please Please come in one Pakistani drama together. We want to see your talent together. Love from Los Angeles.

  • Plz come in one or more pakixtani drama or film..
    we want to xee u both toghether 😊 Masha Allah what a beautiful and cutee couple 😍😘😙 May Allah bless themm ❤

  • I dont understand why are you soooo negative.. Let them be whatever they want. Why do you save screenshots of negative comments and try to exaggerate it. Its not just the opinions of people that matter but you digging at those opinions and bringing them forth only for the sake of your so-called reviews. Stop using people’s personal lives as means of your earnings. Go to hell.

  • To be honest i heard the word platonic first time from hamza ali abbasi. Did not know it’s meaning even. I think they should make a full on movie about it.

  • People know well that friends will not take selfie like that and like this they have their own life guys we shouldn’t criticize them on this bcz they are not sharing their personal life publically maybe they think so people aren’t able to understand this fact which is already approved from people’s behaviour leave them bcz they can deal their life in better way

  • Please stop annoying a simple couple. Though it was good that they have not commercialised their relation before marriage. It is very important to know each other before getting married. Even in arrange marriages parents let their children to know each other. So it’s not a big deal guys. Stop swearing them let them enjoy their pleasure time.

  • Apna app nai dekhna hota hm ny , unki pehlay adalat lga li h k aesa kun kaha wesa kun kaha , yr unki apni life h , tum log apni jeo ,

  • I don’t see the problem with selfie, everyone is taking these kind of pics with their friends, the selfie doesn’t tell us anything, & the 4 am pic, I don’t even know what I am supposed to be looking at, I can’t see them together in it anywhere